Launched in November 2017, Orange Bank offers banking services designed natively around mobile uses so customers can autonomously perform all operations from their app.

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Thanks to this project and the mobilisation of Orange Bank’s cross-disciplinary teams, as well as those of Artefact and Google, the results are in – and excellent:

  • By migrating analytics, data collection has been optimised and reliability increased. Marketing teams can now autonomously analyse and activate campaigns. Decommissioning the previous analytics solution has generated significant licensing cost savings.

  • Media tracking is now automated; acquisition levers can be monitored from end to end. The result: a clear improvement in cross-device audiences, better conversion rates, and a renegotiation of cost per lead (CPL) with media partners.

Acquisition costs on data-activated levers fell by 25%, and the share of premium subscriptions among online subscriptions has doubled.

What’s next?

Orange Bank’s next projects in terms of data marketing and digital media transformation will be analysing the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) effect in greater depth and further refining audience segmentation.

Particular attention will be paid to propensity modelling, i.e., predicting the conversion propensity of prospects to be able to fine-tune necessary advertising pressure.

Over time, Orange Bank aims to further enrich its internal and external data assets (2nd party partnerships) and base its media decisions on increasingly sophisticated consumer insights.