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Webinar Artefact | The Subtle Art of YouTube Mastery.

May 6
14:00 – 15:00 (GMT+4)
Christos Solomi & Omar Samad
Managing Director & Account Manager at Artefact MENA
YouTube Webinar Artefact

Webinar | The Subtle Art of YouTube Mastery

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How to make your YouTube videos stand out?

If you’ve ever wondered what are the capabilities of YouTube and how best to use them to grow your business, you cannot miss this YouTube webinar!
Please join us on Wednesday the 06th May at 2pm (GMT+4). This webinar will provide an overview of the world’s second-largest search engine. We will walk you through everything you need to know about the video landscape to learn how to make your YouTube videos stand out both organically and with paid advertising.


  • Brand vs Activation
  • Video Landscape and YouTube Intro
  • Content Optimization
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Designing The Right Creative


This webinar will be run by Christos Solomi, Managing Director & Omar Abdel Samad, Account Manager at Artefact MENA.


Christos has been working in the media and marketing industry for 18 years. In a career that started in the UK and moving to Dubai 9 years ago he has worked a variety of Publishing, Ad Tech and Agency Leadership roles with a specialization in digital marketing, performance media and programmatic advertising.


Omar has over 5 years of experience as a Performance Marketing Lead in the Middle East, managing multiple accounts across a variety of industries: from telecom, to fashion, education, banking and real estate.

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