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Webinar | Artefact – Unlock New Business Opportunities with Amazon.

April 9
14:00 – 15:00 (GMT+4)
Adrien Boullet and Thomas Faure
E-Retail Leads at Artefact
Artefact Webinar on Amazon

Webinar | Unlock New Business Opportunities with Amazon

The Amazon marketplace offers multiple ways to engage with your consumers effectively. Integrate them in your marketing strategy to boost your results while standing out from the competition!


Amazon Experts, Adrien Boullet and Thomas Faure, E-retail leads at Artefact hosted a webinar on Thursday the 9th April at 2pm (GMT+4) to unlock new business opportunities with Amazon and effectively boost your sales! The webinar uncovered the key strategic, organizational and performance challenges that companies face on Amazon marketplace. Attendees got industry specific insights and learned the best practices from global brands in mature markets.



  • Key e-retail trends on Amazon
  • Amazon Business Models: Vendors vs Sellers, key differences and strategy
  • 10 golden rules to perform on Amazon: from retail to advertising
  • Q&A Sessions with Amazon experts at Artefact

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