About Us


Artefact is the next generation end-to-end data service company, with a focus on consulting and marketing, that helps organisations transform data into value and business impact.

Our broad range of data-driven solutions in data consulting and digital marketing are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs, always conceived with a business-centric approach and delivered with tangible results.

We have 1300+ employees across 20 offices who are focused on accelerating digital transformation. Thanks to a unique mix of company assets: State of the art data technologies, lean AI agile methodologies for fast delivery, and cohesive teams of the finest business consultants, data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and digital experts, all dedicated to bringing extra value to every client.


About The Role


  • Daily operation with the brand platform (WeChat OA/WeChat Mini-program/ other platforms) to do the various communication.
  • Monthly and weekly data analyze and insights based on the Wechat followers' behavior analytics via WeChat and Mini Program backend.
  • Design brand campaign communication framework such as new product launch, O2O campaign member’s day, e-promotion, etc.
  • Assist in designing customer lifecycle automation to enhance the customer experience and uplift the conversion performance as well.
  • Assist in designing customer loyalty mechanism with exclusive benefits/experience to deepen the member relationship with the brand.
  • Work with the internal cooperation team in driving strategies and executions, especially in the area of Communication/Content Planning of Social CRM programs.



We look for students graduating in 2024 who display initiative, intuition, and creativity with a strong problem solving and analytical mindset. We do not require specific academic majors or industry experience and look for diversity of experience and skills. We value extracurricular activities and evidence of leading an interesting and impactful life outside of your studies. However, proficient in SQL or Pyton is a big plus. Fluent in English and Mandarin is a must. 


Our Belief

We believe data is changing the world, and it’s just the beginning. We want this to be done in the right way, with transparency and ethics. This is the only way to create sustainable impact for business and society.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to build the next generation of data leaders who: 

  • Fully capture the power of data & digital to deliver business value ;
  • Bring understanding, trust & transparency of data into our society.


Our Values

  • Collaboration : People of different background and expertise working closely together;
  • Trust & Transparency: Dealing with data topics with integrity and ethics; Realistic and honest with our capabilities and limitations;
  • Innovation: Always working on the most trendy and new topics on data and digital; Always on top of the new ways of using data;
  • Action: We would rather do than to tell what to do; Has a “building the plane while flying” agile mentality.


Our Unique Attributes

  • We bring great value to business and create a better society with the understanding, transparency and ethical use of data ;
  • We build the next generation of data leaders ;
  • We disrupt the market :
  • Data Native – Born with data and defining data ;
  • ART + SCIENCE – Mixture of talents in ART (Creative, Planning, Media, Consumer Engagement) and SCIENCE (Data Consulting, Data Science, Data Engineer) ;
  • One P&L – Integrated & collaborative, with all chapters working toward the same goal ;
  • End to End – Capabilities from Strategize to Build to Run.

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Teamwork makes the dream works.

Artefact’s teams are made up of the best experts in their fields, and it’s our biggest responsibility to ensure their professional development and personal wellbeing.