Why Artefact?

Data is the heart of your business engine. Artefact transforms it into value.

Everything we do focuses on capturing value from data

We’re a next-generation data services provider, specialising in data consulting and data-driven digital marketing.

We are dedicated to transforming data into a positive force that impacts your organisation’s value chain.

Data technology is the new playground for innovative digital marketing programs and profitable business.

Data Consulting & Transformation 

We create value through data and accelerate digital transformation for every department, including Sales & Marketing, Operations, IT and Innovation.

Our data-driven services empower businesses with agile methodologies and AI algorithms to ideate, deliver and measure AI projects at speed.

Digital & Data Marketing 

We inject data science into digital marketing to bring maximum value. We provide data marketing solutions with an engineering mindset to help brands live up to new industry standards.

Our framework covers all areas from marketing strategy to media expertise combined with data technology.

Our unique mix of company assets fuels our data leadership


Data technology is the backbone of everything we design and develop.

We lead AI innovation with superior technology platforms and our (AI)² Lab.

We have developed a number of proprietary technology platforms, including Nautilus for Data Consulting and Octopus for Digital Marketing. Together, they boost the performance of all our solutions.

We develop and integrate our AI enablers into our clients’ systems so that they become assets to their company.


Our rigorous project management and Lean AI methodologies ensure we offer exceptional quality and delivery.

We use agile methods and short sprints to guarantee fast delivery of projects, and we make sure our data services impact businesses at each step.

We have developed specific methodologies dedicated to Lean AI, Precision Marketing and Growth Hacking.

We always train our clients to ensure our AI solutions continue in the long-term within their organisations.


Our Feature Teams are composed of talented experts in data consulting, data engineering and digital marketing, who break silos and work collaboratively with our clients’ teams.

We are award-winning marketing creatives and innovative-thinking collaborators, with degrees from the world’s top institutions in business and engineering.

Our empowering culture allows us to nurture new ideas, go further together and solve problems more efficiently, resulting in extra value for our clients.