Data Science in the GenAI Era: Insights, Surveys, and Success Stories

#2 Data Science Meetup @ Artefact Germany, Hamburg

Get together with other industry experts and exchange on new developments in the data science area.


=== We start at 18:15 in person at Artefact ===

=== Introduction ===

Short intro by Marc Päpper

=== Talk 1 ===

Graham Watts, Senior Software Architect @Klipfolio

Semantic Layer vs Metric Layer in Business Intelligence

Metrics are an emerging type of BI artifact that packages data into a format optimized for consumption by non-technical business users. Over the last few years two types of technologies, the semantic layer and metric layer, have arisen independently. They both support the creation of metrics. In this talk, you will learn:
👉 Which needs do metric and semantic layers address – for data teams and business teams?
👉 What differentiates these technologies and why do they have such similar capabilities?
👉 How can these technologies be used together in BI tools to take advantage of the strengths of both?

=== Talk 2 ===

Ali Al-Hindwan, Senior Data Scientist and Michael Völske, Lead Data Science @Artefact

Generative AI

– How GenAi affected me as Data Scientist on a daily working basis
– How GenAI has affected the daily ATF Data Science
– GenAI UCs and demos (tbd)

Get Together

Networking, refreshments and snacks

Who We Are

Artefact is a new generation consultancy specializing in data-driven services and has been pioneering data and digital marketing for a decade. Our digital marketing experts in SEO, SEA, Paid Social, Affiliate Marketing, Display, Retail Media and CRM always work with the best Data Scientists and Engineers in AI technologies on all projects. Thanks to our 1,300 employees in 20 locations worldwide (leading in Europe with strong growth in Asia, Middle East and Africa, and North and South America), we are able to quickly scale and industrialize our data-driven solutions.


Ali Al-Hindwan

Ali Al-Hindwan, Senior Data Scientist at Artefact

Artefact Germany

Due to his diverse experience / studies  (Business Administration,  Management, and Technology), he  has diverse expertise on projects which assist the companies to  D-transformation with the consideration of business profitable value.  He has worked with clients from different industries such as Retail, healthcare, and E-commerce

Michael Voelske

Michael Voelske, Lead Data Science & Engineering

Artefact Germany

Michael has a PhD in computer science, a decade of experience solving complex data problems, and a dozen publications at top-tier international venues in the areas of information retrieval and NLP. He has led teams planning, procuring, and installing data processing infrastructure spanning hundreds of servers, petabytes of disk, and petaflops of compute. Michael has a broad knowledge of modern machine learning and has taught the fundamentals to hundreds of students.

Anna Rüde

Anna Rüde, Lead New Business & AI Transformation

Artefact Germany

With over 15 years of experience in the fields of digitalization and transformation, Anna oversees the Business Development division at Artefact. Her mission is to break down barriers and fears associated with data and AI, empowering individuals and organizations to meaningfully harness GenAI for problem-solving and goal achievement, and to perceive change and innovation as an opportunity.