Building seamless customer experiences in the customer journey has become imperative for B2C companies.

Building AI customer journey by managing communications’ complexity between online vs offline, inbound vs outbound, branding vs user-generated content

Artefact has built an innovative approach to switch from a traditional “push product strategy” to a “customer triggered based strategy” by breaking down silos and leveraging all available channels into automated journeys.

We also help our clients to comprehend the stakes of conversational marketing. Our teams of consultants, data engineers, data scientists, strategic planners and media specialists, familiar with vocal and written support and the development of AI bots, are able to accompany clients on each part of a conversational project.

Content optimisation

Ai customer journey methodology and automation

Artefact’s methodology is divided in three chronological steps.
1-We begin with aggregating data from 1st, 2nd & 3rd party sources, which allows us to collect customer input (navigation, purchases, responses to advertisement) in near real time, and build a relevant data-driven segmentation.

2- We design dedicated content, consistent throughout all marketing channels, for each cluster of the client segmentation.

3- We engineer omni-channel activation, scenarised with a « test and learn » approach with the help of a reinforcement learning algorithm: only best performing journeys (in terms of ROI or client satisfaction) are kept in the long run.

In order to prove the value of our methodology, its deployment goes hand in hand with a performance measurement dashboard, based on the client’s key indicators.

User Experience optimisation

We help with conversational strategy and integration of ai bots in the brand marketing mix

We help our clients to comprehend the stakes on conversational marketing. Our teams of consultants, data engineers, data scientists, strategic planners and media specialist, familiar with vocal and written support, are able to accompany clients on each part of conversational project.

The conversational marketing project includes the integration of bots within one brand marketing mix, use case ideation, brand presence format (referencing or application) technological recommendation,and roadmap deployment in the short and long term.

Technical development corresponds to the creation of chatbots, the integration in various endpoints (Messenger, voice device, websites etc.), the development of necessary APIs and back-end, the support to our clients development teams.

Our services also include bot maintenance on demand, technical and marketing client team training.

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Recommendation engines have an increased impact on customer experience of brands

Nowadays, anyone who browses the Internet may find themselves confronted with an overwhelming amount of content. This can result in a waste of client time, which affects the user experience and may lead to a abandonment of his/her research.

That’s why building personalized customer experience is becoming more and more valuable, and will lead to improved user experience, keeping visitors on site with relevant content and/or product recommendations and will encourage repeat purchases.

Based on these observations, we offer personalized content to their users. We indeed strongly believe recommendation engines will have more and more business impact on multiple fields. On the one hand our knowledge in data science and AI allows us to build a valuable and custom solution, on the other hand our expertise in data engineering allows our client to get a efficient and scalable recommendation engine into production.

Our agnostic approach makes us the perfect ally to guide them in the implementation of an innovative and adapted solution.