Our digital marketing strategies combine technology, science and creativity.



We are now one of the largest independent digital marketing agencies, working with some of the world’s largest brands.


We are present in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and we employ more than 500 media experts around the world.

We have unrivalled expertise in:

  • Brand Strategic Planning
  • Digital Omni-Channel Orchestration

  • Data Driven Performance

We create the most efficient digital strategies for brands, based on data sources that deliver value: performance history, CRM data and business data.


Our digital marketing experts work with best-in-class data scientists and engineers on all projects.

We manage all digital media channels as an interconnected system.

eRetail & eCommerce

eRetail & eCommerce

We help you to define your e-Business strategy, and implement it on your DtoC activity as well than with your e-retail partners.

Full Search (SEO & SEA)

Organic search (SEO) represents the best attempt to bring qualified traffic to websites by answering users’ queries. Our SEO campaigns encompass all areas, including technical, content and outreach.

Paid Search (SEA) helps brands strategically driving specific users to websites. We are pioneering Paid Search strategies by smartly integrating cross-channel signals to allocate budget and optimise ROI.


Display Programmatic

Programmatic advertising delivers simultaneously creative messaging which effectively engages consumers.

We are combining best-in-class media selection, smart usage of data and impactful formats.

Paid Social

Paid Social helps brands find new customers based on the things they’re interested in.

We reach the right target with the right asset at the right time by leveraging all the available data-features to adapt to users’ habits.


CRM aims at creating customer loyalty by proactively seeking to build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Running all major CRM tools, we are tech-agnostic and will assess CRM tech-system unbiasedly

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing involves working with partners aligned with your audience to promote your product/services to their network.

It’s one of the most efficient ways for acquiring revenue, sales, leads and (new) customers online.

Creation and Advertising

Artefact bridges the gap between creatives and engineers. We combine strategic intelligence, creativity and technology services to offer relevant and innovative concepts to our clients.

Technology is the new playground for innovative ideas. We are the digital agency for brands who believe in creativity at every touch point: from the more display, precise targeting and e-commerce activation, to voice apps and large scale head-turning campaigns.

Digital marketing at artefact

Digital marketing at Artefact is fuelled by data and powered by creativity.

At Artefact, we are passionate about crunching and analysing data from all over the digital landscape. It’s simple – without data, there are no consumer insights, and without that, forecasting is impossible. We optimise media performance at each step of the consumer journey. Whether you’re launching new products or want to increase brand loyalty, you need to have a deep understanding of your target audience and be able to anticipate their behaviours in order to build smart and effective media campaigns.

Smart Media Dashboards

Our smart media dashboards deepen insights and accelerate decision making.


Key media and business indicators are displayed at a glance. Actionable insights accelerate the decision-making process.


We help marketers know what they should focus on, so they can spend more time designing business strategies.
Our dashboards display six categories of Smart Insights: Product, Brand, Competition, Market, Media, Website. Insights are developed from decision-making algorithms, based on machine-learning capacities.

Easy to set up and use

The setup of the tool is managed by Artefact. The interface is simple to use and easy to understand.