Delivering results in Social Media Advertising.

Social Media is a top digital marketing channel in constant motion to reach the right target with the right asset at the right time.

How we excel at Social Advertising


We maintain privileged relationships with our social network partners.
Our social teams have valuable local contacts within key account departments.

In September 2018, Artefact joined FACEBOOK’s GSO team in Paris, becoming the only independent agency managed within the key account’s portfolio.

Creative flexibility

As a part of an independent agency, the Social Advertising department spends lots of time on creative processes.

We directly interact with the creative department to adapt or build creative strategies that perfectly fit with social network expectations.

Because creativity is key in social, we bring quick and adapted solutions to ensure that advertisers achieve their commercial goals.


Early adoption and innovation are our biggest pride.
We always lead our clients through new beta or alpha features on social networks.

Thanks to our strong flexibility, social partners such as Facebook trust us to test and develop new features such as Facebook Attribution or Dynamic Product Ads which we had access to in preview.

This brings strong differentiation to our advertisers on highly competitive verticals.


Our experts spend time on the most valuable and strategic tasks for our clients.
To do so, we automated the most repetitive tasks that don’t drive value in order to save time.

We use dashboarding, automated optimisations, media plans and benchmarks to guide our clients through a successful social vision.

100% Social

At Artefact, we believe that Social and Display/Programmatic are two different areas of expertise.
Therefore, our social teams are 100% dedicated experts on social media strategies.

Their knowledge goes beyond simple social media buying: they’ve mastered social creative management, social engagement stakes and organic social as well.

No Silos

As part of the Activation department, our social teams always interact with all other media buying channels such as Search, CRM and Display.

That way, we can build synergistic, winning strategies that bring value through mastering campaign reach or creating technical links between channels to deliver innovative advertising solutions.

Social & Data

Our social teams benefit from the proximity of our data science teams to create data-driven solutions that improve traditional social campaigns.

We create bridges between client DMP to create unique and powerful data-driven targetings that identify and reach the client archetype that is most likely to convert in the short-term.

Technical Experts

From awareness to performance, social experts master all technical facets of Social Advertising, such as hotel/product feed management for dynamic ads to Nielsen DAR/TAR study set up for branding highlights.

This lets our clients measure every step of the customer journey with best-in-class social solutions.

Client case – EUROPCAR


In a highly competitive market, Europcar seeks to outpace the game by maximising its revenue via social networks.

The unique challenge is that Europcar measure its performances on a checkout country view which differs from traditional emitting market account structure.

Artefact set up the last Facebook advertising solutions to allow Europcar to both maximise its visitor value and acquire new highly qualified visitors.

To do so, we implemented the full DCO Facebook solutions with Dynamic Ads for Travel, advising Europcar on both pixel & feed structure and implementation.

By setting up Facebook dynamic retargeting, we dramatically increased Europcar’s performance and the strength of its share of voice on Facebook’s family of apps.

We also set up dynamic acquisition thanks to Facebook’s broad audience capacity, leading to a competitive cost per new funnel visitors.

At the end, we could even extend Europcar’s impact worldwide thanks to Cross Border, a new feature that allows a wider reach while mastering COS and volume objectives.

x3,5 more transactions 2019 vs 2018

-15 points on Cost Of Sales

9€ cost per new funnel visitor