Delivering Programmatic Advertising Excellence.

Programmatic advertising is the application of technology, data and rules.

Programmatic advertising is the application of technology, data and rules used to deliver advertising to consumers. Today, the vast majority of all advertising that reaches consumers online is delivered programmatically.

The most efficient and effective forms of programmatic advertising combine best-in-class media selection, smart usage of data and impactful formats to deliver creative messaging that engages consumers – be it to increase awareness and salience or to drive action.

How we excel at Programmatic

Trading, Engineering, Data Science

Our approach to programmatic brings together programmatic trading, data engineering and the application of data science to deliver true multi-moment digital marketing maturity. Our Programmatic teams are made up of:
1. Programmatic Traders, who are experts in campaign management and optimisation.

2. Data Engineers, who connect and build ad tech architectures that enable the most advanced forms of execution.

3. Data scientists, who work with our programmatic traders and use Machine Learning to deliver insights, predictions and recommendations that would be impossible for a human alone to achieve.


At Artefact, transparency is at the core of our approach.

We let our clients own and have full access to all the third-party technologies our people use on their behalf.

This approach delivers full transparency in the supply chain from technology to data to media, in terms of cost, usage and media placement.

We balance short programmatic activation with long term strategic projects.

Achieving excellence in programmatic advertising means having a team that can deliver campaign excellence in the short term while managing long-term projects that improve targeting,
measurement and automation.

At Artefact, we have developed Precision Marketing Frameworks and campaign management protocols that deliver in the short term.

Our consulting approach, data engineering and data science prowess deliver longer projects that lead to drastic improvements in campaign effectiveness, efficiency and digital maturity over the long term.

Key partnerships.

We are the first and only agency in Europe to be both GMP (Google Marketing Platform) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Certified.

We have achieved this by bringing digital marketing experts and engineers together, under one roof.

This enables us to deliver the most advanced use cases and programmatic advertising that cannot be realised without expertise in both disciplines.

This makes Artefact the ideal partner for marketers who want the most advanced approach to their programmatic investments