The Emerce100 is an annual publication and reflects the image of decision-makers in the field of online marketing, ICT, and e-business. This initiative by Emerce is the most prestigious indicator. This year, our Benelux office is mentioned in the top 3 of the best Digital Marketing Agencies – Large. Because of this great achievement, Dirk Melief, Senior Director AI & Data Marketing at Artefact Benelux sat down with Emerce for an interview.

Digital marketing is changing fast and AI is playing a key role in this process. Artefact is one of the leading agencies in this field. Dirk Melief, Senior Director AI & Data Marketing Benelux gladly explains more about the power of AI for marketing. “We use GenAI to leverage data for more effective and better results in marketing campaigns for our clients. We often differentiate between two types of AI: Integrated and Custom AI. We use Integrated AI in existing marketing channels and technologies, such as smart bidding and audience targetting in Google Ads, Meta, and LinkedIn. First-party data and an optimised data structure play a key role in this.

However, the real power lies in Custom AI solutions. With Custom AI we develop tailored AI set-ups and models that meet our clients’ specific needs and are based on their proprietary data. Artefact is unique in this matter because we have all the needed expertise in our teams: from business consultants and marketers to data scientists and data engineers. These teams work closely together, which allows us to speed up the AI-transformation for our clients.

AI as a competitive advantage

Because of our extensive experience and multi disciplinary teams, we can leverage AI as a strategic pillar for effective marketing. This allows our clients to anticipate trends and unstructured data faster. This way, we can identify opportunities even before they happen.”

Dirk Melief, Senior Director AI & Data Marketing at Artefact Benelux

Artefact has 1500 consultants operating worldwide, of which 90 in Utrecht. They have been working succesfully with AI for the past 10 years. Dirk: “AI-marketing requires effort in building a solid foundation but once you have the foundation.. Things can go fast and you will quickly gain a competitive advantage. AI-Marketing: better, faster, and stronger!

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