About Blendle

It is a platform that makes it easy to browse through a variety of top newspapers and magazines.

The challenge

Blendle is a well-known bundle news subscription app in the Netherlands market that has recently launched a feature that allows users to listen to the news. In order to create awareness around this innovation, Blendle leveraged the latest Google Ads solutions.

The approach

Blendle and their agency Artefact developed a full-funnel strategy to present the new Audio feature on Google Ads with Youtube, Performance Max and Search campaigns.

The recent launch of the beta Audio Ads on Youtube was a perfect match for the new Blendle to improve consideration among an audience that uses the streaming platform as a background for music or information such as podcasts.

The results

The campaign has reached over 1,7 million unique users from high-quality audiences such as Avid News Readers and Audio Streaming Subscription Services.

With Audio Ads, Blendle’s consideration has increased over +17% and the favorability has also grown by +12% (relative lift).

“Audio Ads was the ideal opportunity and canal to promote our listening offer towards consumers that show the same streaming habits’ of our clients”
Clément Jacquin, Head of Acquisition

BLENDLE benefits from new Audio Ads campaign to present its product innovation