Adopt AI by Artefact - Paris

International Summit – Station F – June 5th

In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, Artefact is organizing an international summit, Adopt AI, to promote the democratization of data and AI to positively impact people and organizations. This will be the largest European event on AI with inspiring conferences by world-class speakers.

A unique full-day event at Station F – Paris that will bring together high-level AI ecosystem stakeholders, including:

  • business leaders of key corporations,
  • CEOs of startups and scale-ups,
  • technology partners in GenAI,
  • eminent professors of universities,
  • PhD students from our Artefact Research Center,

to disseminate positive inspiration and actionable insights about data and AI.

As we step into 2024, we at Artefact have an optimistic vision and see Generative AI as an incredible opportunity that, if used properly and ethically, will lead to economic, social, and democratic progress.


Attend and participate in discussions on:

  • Generative AI – a new paradigm for people & organizations: How to achieve AI transformation efficiently and at scale
  • Data foundations & ethical AI challenges: How to tackle these challenges and be inspired by forward-thinking enterprises
  • AI adoption for positive impact & acceleration: How to successfully adopt AI and accelerate your business transformation

Don’t miss this excellent networking opportunity. Join us to celebrate our 10 years of growth!


Artefact is a leading global consulting company dedicated to accelerating the adoption of data and AI to positively impact people and organizations. We specialize in data transformation and data marketing to drive tangible business results across the entire enterprise value chain.

Artefact offers the most comprehensive set of data-driven solutions per industry, built on deep data science and cutting-edge AI technologies, delivering AI projects at scale in all industry sectors. From strategy to operations, we offer an end-to-end approach and solutions: data strategy, data quality and governance, data platforms, AI Factory, data-driven customer experience and marketing ROI.