Over the last few years, Data Science at Artefact Benelux has skyrocketed in terms of novel projects coupled with a growing diverse international team. We tackle use cases that bring Business value and serve different countries. Our area of expertise involves Applied Mathematics & Statistics for Machine Learning with a strong focus on Causal Inference, Time Series, and Signal Processing. Additionally, we believe in Data & ML for Sustainability and Impact, by working on topics for Wildlife Conservation and environmental protection on the sidelines. Responsibilities In addition to the core Data Science and ML Engineering Team, you will work with different stakeholders to:

  • Qualify the feasibility of Use Cases, translating business challenges into technical formulations
  • Define the business and statistical hypothesis, and build the solution followed by testing and validation
  • For those Use Cases that are validated, you will help develop a production-ready solution.

When consulted on a business challenge, you propose adequate AI or machine learning options to address this need. You act as an expert on the best algorithm to choose given the specific context and constraints. You are a key contributor to the design of the solution. You develop data visualisation features to generate insights and support data storytelling. You iterate with the business in an agile way to develop, adapt and refine the solution to enable maximum business impact You design, build, maintain, and troubleshoot the data models integrated into the solutions delivered:

  • Assess the quality of the data; clean and aggregate when necessary
  • Compare and choose the right algorithms based on defining the right statistical hypothesis
  • Develop and train models
  • Follow principles of MLOps when moving models to productions
  • Troubleshoot the models in production

Profile Minimum requirements Have at least 2 years of prior Data Science experience; Has a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics, Advanced Statistics, Data Science or a related discipline; Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; Strong knowledge of data science algorithms and at least one proven experience in developing Statistical and ML algorithms; Proficient in Python (preferred) and/or R; Fluent in English;

Preferred requirements Preferred experience in Consulting or Marketing Data Science; Prior experience in marketing analytics or e-commerce, customer-centric mindset; Preference in Causal Inference topics, Time Series, Advanced Statistics Cloud technologies (GCP, Azure, AWS) especially Google Cloud Platform


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