New York, USA - December 7, 2023

Artefact, a leading data analytics and AI services firm specializing in helping organizations deliver measurable value from data is excited to announce a strategic partnership to simplify data lineage and data management processes for clients in the Financial Services sector. Artefact offers a comprehensive range of data-driven solutions built upon deep data science and AI technology: data strategy, data governance, medialake design, data-driven customer experience, precision marketing, multi-channel campaign management and brand creation. We are a connected independent global network, with a footprint in 20 offices across 16 countries, and we partner with 1000+ ambitious clients around the globe.

Artefact – Solidatus Alliance

In a move aimed at empowering organizations to govern their data more effectively, Solidatus, the leading provider for data management & lineage will partner with Artefact to connect, visualize, and govern enterprise data blueprints end to end.

Mike Pierce, VP of Global Alliances at Solidatus, emphasizes the significance of this partnership:

“We’re delighted to join forces with data & AI consulting leaders Artefact, whose expertise in enabling enterprises to maximize data potential perfectly complements Solidatus’ strengths. We look forward to jointly delivering Solidatus’ unique approach to building data transparency and establishing trust across complex environments, empowering clients to meet governance and regulatory requirements.”

Artefact x Solidatus Drive Results

By joining forces with their related offerings, the companies will enable Financial Service Institutions to:

  • Visualize Data Transformations: Clients will gain the ability to visualize the end-to-end transformation journey of their data, facilitating better data understanding.

  • Detect Issues Proactively: The collaborations aim to streamline issue detection, saving clients valuable time and resources.

  • Execute Robust Root Cause Analyses: Clients will have access to tools for in-depth root cause and impact analyses, enhancing their data management capabilities.

  • Seamlessly Discovery Data: Enhanced data discovery capabilities will empower clients to uncover valuable insights within their data.

  • Streamline Regulatory Reporting: Through these collaborations, regulatory reporting processes will become more efficient and effective, benefiting clients in the Financial & Insurance industries.

Artefact is a vertically-integrated consultancy with expertise across data management, AI solutions, data marketing, AI/ML, and data science & analytics, dedicated to Financial Services. Over a quarter of the US Artefact consultants are certified in Solidatus, enhancing their data expertise with hands-on experience, to assist its clients through all stages of their Solidatus journey.

Akhilesh Kale, Senior Director and Financial Services & Insurance lead of Artefact US, highlighted the potential of this partnership, stating,

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Solidatus enabling our financial services clients to break free from the challenges of data flow transparency while also improving trust in AI by having a clear sense of quality and origins of data. As we join forces, we are looking forward to accelerating value creation through data discovery for our clients’ front office, risk and regulatory use cases delivering tangible bottom & top line value.”

About Solidatus

Solidatus is a leading data management solution that empowers organizations to connect, visualize, and govern their data relationships through data lineage. For more information, please visit

About Artefact

Artefact is a global data-driven services company specialising in consulting for data transformation and digital & data marketing. We help companies transform data into business impact by delivering tangible results across the entire value chain.

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