Challenge | SEA strategy

Petit Bateau is a French brand of children’s clothing and underwear. In a very competitive and multi-channel context, Petit Bateau needs to constantly optimise the entire customer journey and generate incremental volume without neglecting the profitability of campaigns.

Solution | SEA strategy

Working with Artefact, Petit Bateau chose to test intelligent Shopping campaigns to benefit from the dissemination of various advertisements across all networks in combination with Google’s machine learning system.

Petit Bateau created a campaign with the entire product catalog (except iconic products), aiming at a certain level of profitability. For iconic products, they also created another campaign to promote visibility rather than profitability.

Artefact supported Petit Bateau both strategically and operationally in the development of their new shopping structure. Our expertise in retail and knowledge of the world of Petit Bateau have allowed us to add real value as a media agency.

Petit Bateau is delighted to collaborate with Artefact to develop their campaigns and grow their business.

Results with this SEA strategy

Thanks to the comprehensiveness and diversity of the inventory of Smart Shopping campaigns, Petit Bateau was able to increase their circulation while lowering their average bids.

Significantly, Petit Bateau saw an increase in turnover of 282% and an increase in profitability of 188%.

“The Smart Shopping campaigns have helped us to overcome increasingly competitive and over-performing profitability demands in our industry.”

— Elsa Aparicio, International Acquisition Manager