We are powered by smart data technology, and certified with every major marketing advertising platform.


We are certified with all the major media platforms of the market

Google Marketing Plateform
Google Marketing Plateform
Campaign Manager
Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising

Our data marketing technology unlocks unique consumer insights and develops new business opportunities

This is key to understanding the next generation of consumers and delivering individualised, experience-based relationships in the post-digital era. We create Medialakes to gather data and extract actionable insights for brands.

We empower our clients in their decision process with full data transparency and ownership. We give them full visibility on KPIs, so they can put their data into action.

Simple and smart media dashboards

Simple and smart media dashboards

We have developed a unique, AI-based technology for our clients that helps make data-driven decisions while automatically extracting actionable intelligence from data.

Our data tool is designed to be simple and intuitive, and displays your business media activity at a glance.

We provide six categories of Smart Insights (Product, Brand, Competition, Market, Media and Website). Key media and business indicators are all displayed in one place, allowing for actionable insights and quick decision-making.

Our platform streamlines the digital marketing process and is quick to implement.

We are Certified Marketing Partners for all key technology platforms. We offer advanced digital marketing expertise in:

  • Sponsored Ads

  • Programmatic

  • Planning & Strategy

  • Performance Measurement

We provide training to our clients so they can get the most from these platforms to optimise their marketing strategies and reach their sales objectives.

Our Partner Certifications demonstrate our data-driven and customer-centric marketing capabilities.

Artefact is the only digital agency certified in both Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Artefact is the only digital agency certified in both Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

1. We are GMP certified to manage the following platforms:
• Analytics 360
• Display & Video 360
• Search Ads 360
• Campaign Manager

As a GMP Sales Partner, we also resell and train our clients on using these Google platforms.

2- Our SEA experts are Google Ads certified in:
• Basics
• Mobile
• Shopping
• Display
• Video

3. We are also a Google Cloud Premier Partner (GCP)
We exploit Google’s cutting-edge technology to maximise the performance of our data-driven projects including:
• Machine Learning
• Data Analytics
• Infrastructure

Artefact is Google Campaign Manager certified

This certification identifies Artefact as qualified users of the Campaign Manager platform.

We have demonstrated great operational expertise in implementing, reporting, and troubleshooting reservation buys, while working across partners.

The certification also assesses ad tag delivery, measurement, and troubleshooting methods used to optimise performance.

Artefact is Google Campaign Manager certified
Artefact is a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional

Artefact is a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional

This certification proves our ability to manage Microsoft Advertising accounts and optimise your advertising campaigns, while fully exploiting our knowledge of reporting and tools.

Artefact joins the Amazon Ads Partner Network

(in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands)

The Amazon Ads Partner Network is a global community of agencies and tool providers that helps advertisers achieve their business goals using Amazon Ads products.

The Partner Network enables Artefact to further develop our capabilities, engage more deeply with Amazon Ads, and grow our business.

Being part of the Partner Network is proof of our in-depth expertise to help our current and future clients navigate Amazon Ads and achieve their digital marketing goals.

Artefact joins the Amazon Ads Partner Network