Artefact AI Summit London

Join Artefact, Google and Microsoft in London to explore the impact of AI on marketing


Artefact invites you to an evening at our Central London office to explore how marketing and business leaders can get tangible results out of AI today, including recent developments in generative AI and Chat-GPT4.

The summit will feature keynotes from Microsoft and Google, highlighting their advancements in AI and the advantages that can be gained right now for marketers.

Register now to avoid missing out and to join us in person on Thursday 18th May.


  • Google and Microsoft Keynotes: What does artificial intelligence look like in my business?

  • Showcase: Measuring true marketing ROI in a cookieless world

  • Google, Microsoft & Artefact Panel: the future of AI and how digital marketers can benefit

  • Networking with industry peers


Marcelo Alberti

Marcelo Alberti, Strategic Agency Manager


James Murray

James Murray, EMEA Product Marketing Manager


Aleksandra Semenenko

Aleksandra Semenenko, Data Science & Consulting Director

Artefact UK

Aleksandra has used genAI to develop multiple tools for her clients: marketing suite automation – build a creative using a prompt, create a persona for your campaign & chat with this persona to tailor the campaign for their specific needs – as well as consumer support automation – genai helps us to work with consumer reviews, address alarming messages, turn consumer interest into marketing campaign or a promo.

Edouard Destrem

Edouard Destrem, Group Account Director

Artefact UK

Mark Smith

Mark Smith, Chief Client Officer and Deputy Manager Director

Artefact UK

Charlie Kay

Charlie Kay, Head of SEO & Content

Artefact UK

Charlie has over 10 years digital marketing experience, specialising in SEO across all three pillars (content, technical
and outreach). She has worked both agency-side and client-side with brands including wagamama, Jamie Oliver,
Liberty, Selfridges, Lindt, YOTEL, The National Gallery, Prezzo and more to help deliver global SEO strategies to drive growth.