Retail Week Innovation Summit

Artefact panel: AI unlocked – the key to reshaping your retail strategy

From seamless integration of adaptive pricing models and improved data management to enhancing customer experiences and navigating supply chain volatility, artificial intelligence holds the key to unlocking the solutions to retailers’ biggest challenges.

The applications, both front of stage and behind the scenes, are wide-ranging and the insights uncovered are more accurate and timely than ever before. But concerns surrounding job displacement, increasing implementation costs and high barriers to adoption for the most innovative of consumer tech raise questions for retailers planning their next steps.

Join us as we reveal why AI must form an essential part of your strategy in 2024, and how to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls, as leading retailers and industry experts discuss the big questions.


Chris Aidan

Chris Aidan, Global VP of Emerging Technology and Innovation

Estée Lauder

Chris Aidan is an accomplished and forward-thinking entrepreneurial leader with a proven track record of building and scaling high-performance teams, fostering an engaging and inclusive culture, enabling businesses to achieve their full potential, and driving cutting-edge innovation. With nearly 25 years of experience in various industries, Chris has cultivated a reputation for championing diverse perspectives, implementing strategic initiatives, and delivering exceptional results.

Paul Hornby

Paul Hornby, Digital Customer Experience Director

The Very Group

Paul rejoined The Very Group in January 2021 as Digital Customer Experience Director and prior to that led the online business at Matalan for three years as its Director of Ecommerce.

In his current role he is responsible for driving the digital customer experience across all of The Very Group’s brands and touchpoints, leading a collection of squads that focus on making data-informed decisions to improve the journey and drive forward the technology landscape.

Paul Gilhooly

Paul Gilhooly, Director, UK Head of Retail


Paul is highly experienced in the retail sector with past industry roles at M&S, Tesco and Asda in retail operations, operations development, business continuity and business development. He now uses this extensive experience as a management consultant leading data transformations, turnaround programmes, operational performance improvement and operating model design engagements. He leads Artefact’s UK Retail team.