Hertz x Artefact

Supercharging Bidding Strategy

Want to level up your micro-conversion bidding?

Join us for this exciting webinar where we will show how we designed and built a truly innovative micro-conversion strategy for Hertz, an industry-leading travel client.

Artefact’s Head of PPC, Ed Destrem; Head of Display & Social, Veronica Campana and Senior Account Manager, Bernal Mazaira will showcase our combined custom solutions from CM360 and SA360, to improve performance in Paid Search Campaigns.

Register below to gain some industry inside tips and knowledge on the secrets to success in paid advertising, with some testimony on our new project with client, Hertz.


Edouard Destrem

Edouard Destrem, Group Account Director

Artefact UK

Veronica Campana

Veronica Campana, Head of Display and Social

Artefact UK