Data & AI Circle - Stockholm, Sverige

Google x Adeo x Artefact

During this first edition of the Data & AI Circle Sverige in Stockholm, we are excited to dedicate this morning to AI for Retail. AI is already revolutionizing the retail industry across the full value chain – from store operations to assortment management, to Retail Media. To illustrate and explain how to scale AI use cases to improve sales and profitability, we have three excellent speakers coming over.

The first is Djamel Mostefa from Adeo, Head of Data & AI at Adeo. Next up, we have Alexander Percivall, Senior Partner Engineer at Google Cloud Nordics. And the last but definitely not least speaker is Elina Ashkinazi-Ildis, who is currently a Retail Partner at Artefact France and who has previously worked at Carrefour, one of the largest global retailers, where she built and ran the Carrefour-Google AI Lab.

In the second of a series of events in Stockholm, Djamel, Alexander, and Elina will dive deep into the opportunities and challenges of AI for Retail.



  • 08:30 Kick-off breakfast

  • 09:30 Keynote speech by Djamel Mostefa from Adeo

  • 10:15 Fika / Coffee break

  • 10:30 The effects of GenAI in Marketing presented by Alexander Percivall (Senior Partner Engineer at Google Cloud Nordics)

  • 11:00 Lessons on AI adoption from Elina Ashkinazi-Ildis (Retail Partner at Artefact France, former Carrefour-Google AI Lab Director)

  • 11:30 Closing


Elina Ashkinazi-Ildis

Elina Ashkinazi-Ildis, Partner Consulting

Artefact Francia

Djamel Mostefa

Djamel Mostefa, Head of Data and AI


Alexander Percivall

Alexander Percivall, Senior Partner Engineer

Google Cloud Nordics

Charlotte Påhlman

Charlotte Påhlman, Head of Business Development GMP Northern Europe

Google Marketing

Grégoire Bouyer

Grégoire Bouyer, Partner Manager

Google Marketing

Arnold Struik

Arnold Struik, Managing Partner

Artefact Northern Europe

Siddharth Mohan

Siddharth Mohan, Director Data Science & Global Lead for Causal Research & Marketing Mix Modeling

Artefact Northern Europe