Artefact, a leading organization in the tech and data industry, takes immense pride in its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Today, we honor Victoria Metzger, a Senior Manager at Artefact and a shining example of the dedication our employees possess towards fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Victoria, a proud LGBTQ+ Artefactor, embodies the spirit of diversity and inclusion. Throughout her exceptional career across our offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Paris, Victoria has truly enriched our projects and exemplified the vibrant multiculturalism that fuels our innovation as One Artefact.

Artefactors, like Victoria, are true agents of change. Their unwavering dedication to driving innovation and reducing bias shapes a future where diversity is not only embraced but celebrated. We are immensely grateful to Victoria and all our employees for their commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse world.

Our commitment to diversity is not just a statement, but a tangible reality. On the one hand, our Research Center is currently launching research projects targeting bias detection and correction. A dedicated article will be coming soon (stay tuned).
On the other hand, initiatives like Woman@ATF and our global LGBT initiatives empower underrepresented groups, ensuring their voices are heard and their contributions are valued. We understand that true inclusivity requires action, so we adapt our work offers, provide comprehensive training, and address discrimination head-on. By removing barriers and fostering equal opportunities, we pave the way for a more inclusive industry.

We invite you to watch the accompanying video, where Victoria shares her personal experiences, providing further insight into the profound impact Artefact employees have on championing diversity. Through her heartfelt story, you will witness firsthand the power of embracing diversity in the pursuit of a brighter future.

Artefact stands as a beacon of diversity, where employees like Victoria Metzger illuminate the path towards a more inclusive world. We continue to foster an environment that celebrates differences, embraces uniqueness, and recognizes the transformative potential of diversity, shaping an industry that reflects the rich tapestry of humanity.


Victoria: interviewee
Margot: questions preparation
Martin / Laurie: editing
Farouk / Laurie: filming

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