Generative AI Summit London

In-person conference: Showcasing best-in-class generative models to unleash the latest tech revolution!


We’re at the beginning of a revolution in usage, but also in business applications.
To meet the technical, environmental, and ethical challenges posed by Generative AI, enterprises will need to recruit new functions and acculturate employees – as well as choose the right AI-generating technologies, set up appropriate governance, identify use cases and ensure transparency, ethics, and the environmental impact of the application is considered.

This is precisely the mission of Artefact, global leader in data & AI consulting, pioneering services in GenAI to accompany enterprises in their strategy and implementation of new AI solutions.

Join us at the Summit to find out more.


  • Generative AI: booming adoption by everyone, immediately followed by the development of many GenAI technology applications for enterprises and current trends in GenAI community.

  • How Generative AI provides many new opportunities to maximise business performance

  • Sharing key insights from Artefact’s Generative AI survey of 60 senior executives from large enterprises & opinion leaders

  • Explaining the four categories of concrete use cases already deployed by Artefact for clients to “augment” business operations.


Artefact is a new generation consultancy specializing in data-driven services and has been pioneering data and digital marketing for a decade. Our digital marketing experts in SEO, SEA, Paid Social, Affiliate Marketing, Display, Retail Media and CRM always work with the best Data Scientists and Engineers in AI technologies on all projects. Thanks to our 1,300 employees in 20 locations worldwide (leading in Europe with strong growth in Asia, Middle East and Africa, and North and South America), we are able to quickly scale and industrialize our data-driven solutions.


Pascal Coggia

Pascal Coggia, CEO of Artefact UK and Managing Partner

Artefact UK

Pascal Coggia is CEO of Artefact UK where he is responsible for expanding the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven products and services in the region. A founding partner at Artefact, he was previously based at its headquarters in Paris,
during which time he launched the company’s operations in Dubai. Previous positions include consulting roles at AT Kearney and Columbus Consulting Shift in France, as well as Rocket Internet SE in the UK. He has a masters degree from the HEC Business
School in Paris.

Aleksandra Semenenko

Aleksandra Semenenko, Data Science & Consulting Director

Artefact UK

Aleksandra has used genAI to develop multiple tools for her clients: marketing suite automation – build a creative using a prompt, create a persona for your campaign & chat with this persona to tailor the campaign for their specific needs – as well as consumer support automation – genai helps us to work with consumer reviews, address alarming messages, turn consumer interest into marketing campaign or a promo.