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Best use of 1st party data in digital advertising.


Interested in finding new ways to put your 1st party data to good use? Do you know the limitations in gathering this data? And the endless possibilities you have in applying it in your advertising? Learn this and more in our upcoming webinar session “How to make effective use of your 1st party data”. During this LIVE webinar session you will gain insights on legitimate customer data collection, data insights and data application in marketing from our Data & Digital Marketing experts and have the opportunity to ask your burning questions about this topic.


  • Importance of 1st party data
  • Tips & tricks for getting the most value out of your data

  • Advanced ways of putting your data to use

    • Connecting CRM data to drive marketing performance
    • Privacy centric Audience Engine exploiting data for efficient activation


Hedwich de Groot

Hedwich de Groot, Audience and Measurement Specialist NE


Will 1p data be the engine of your digital marketing to empower audience and measurement?

Sjoerd Lops

Sjoerd Lops, Manager Client Strategy


Sjoerd has more than 6 years of experience in digital marketing where he works with different clients in travel, and telecommunication but has especially focused on the European fashion industry (e-commerce). He advocates for finding the ultimate combination of brand awareness and performance marketing for short- and long-term sales. He uses attribution modeling and marketing science to achieve the best synergy between different types of customers and online media channels.

Dirk Melief

Dirk Melief, Director Digital & Data Marketing


Future Ready Cross Media Measurement & Attribution