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Artefact: About SEO

How planes, trains and automobile rentals became direct competition in the SERP’s.

Competition for position 1 in the SERPs has never been more challenging. Where transportation providers did not consider their business model to overlap, now they do. So, how do you compete with different types of new competitors?

In this Fireside chat between Judith from DeCabbit Consultancy and Matthew from Artefact, we take a deep-dive into SEO in the mobility sector. In specific the evolution of Local Search and Shared Mobility and how this has affected competition in this industry. Tune in for strategic insights and learn what you can do nowadays to quickly beat the competition in the SERPs


Judith Lewis

Judith Lewis, Technology Specialist

Wine Business Authority

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist who has been working actively in the online environment since 1996. My expertise spans communities, audience development, SEO, SMO, PPC and other digital marketing channels. My two passions are SEO and Chocolate.

Matthiew Attwell

Matthiew Attwell, Head of SEO


I consider myself to be a T shaped marketer offering a wealth of Knowledge (breadth) and 10+ years experience (depth) with my skill set including web design, web development, Internet marketing, online marketing and web analytics.

Lennert de Rijk

Lennert de Rijk, CEO


Senior executive and entrepreneur with 25+ years of solid international experience. Excellent understanding and proven success in Finance, (digital) Marketing, Data, Technology and Consulting.