Google Marketing Platform x Artefact

Making the most of GMP


In a world full of walled gardens and ever-changing data regulations, digital marketers can be forgiven for getting lost among the many data products and campaign tools at their disposal.

Fortunately, Google Marketing Platform (GMP) simplifies this complexity by providing a single-stack approach to digital campaign creation, analysis and optimisation.

Through products like Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360, GMP lets digital marketers deliver more relevant and effective marketing across all digital channels — all the while ensuring they respect their customers’ privacy.

But, how do you get the most out of Google Marketing Platform?


In this webinar, Artefact experts:

  • Introduce the tools within the GMP stack and how they work.
  • Consider when and how brands should in-house GMP (and when they should leave things to their agency).
  • Share best practice case studies showing how brands have used GMP to generate real business results from their digital campaigns.


Edouard Destrem

Edouard Destrem, Group Account Director

Artefact UK

Veronica Campana

Veronica Campana, Head of Display and Social

Artefact UK

Mark Smith

Mark Smith, Chief Client Officer and Deputy Manager Director

Artefact UK

Bobby Gray

Bobby Gray, Head of Data & Analytics


Bobby is responsible for accelerating the data maturity of Artefact’s clients using 1st-party audience modelling, attribution and measurement, online to offline tracking and more. He is passionate about using the latest tech innovations to drive efficiencies across client operations and using data to drive incremental revenue growth.