Webgains x Smarter Click x Artefact

New ways to win with Affiliate Marketing.


In the post-COVID world, everyone’s shopping online. But in such a crowded space, it’s becoming harder and harder for brands to stand out. That’s where affiliate marketing can help.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing has involved creating partnerships with cashback, voucher and loyalty sites to promote products or services on a commission basis. But in 2021, opportunities extend far beyond just placing offers on other people’s websites. Nowadays, affiliate marketing includes content, technology, B2B partnerships, and even geo-targeted offers and personalised messages.

So, how can brands take advantage?

In this webinar, Pavlina Theodoulou, Artefact’s Head of Affiliates, chats with Webgains and Smarterclick to:

— Examine how affiliate marketing has evolved.

— Identify non-traditional partnership ideas marketers might not have considered.

— Share best practice advice for brands looking to sell more now and in the future.


Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, Operations Director

Smarter Click

With over 15 years of experience in the digital, affiliate and performance marketing
industry to his name, I have championed various roles within both b2b and b2c marketing
environments across three well-known and respected businesses.

Annwen Bristow

Annwen Bristow, Senior Agency Partnerships Manager


Pavlina Theodoulou

Pavlina Theodoulou, Head of Affiliates

Artefact UK