Navigating the New Era of Cookieless Advertising - New York City

Performance Marketers Meetup

Join Amazon, Artefact, and Hightouch for an IRL meetup sharing best practices, swapping stories, and geeking out on the new technologies that are helping today’s performance marketing teams overcome the challenges of this new era of cookieless advertising.

Attend this Data Activators meetup for drinks, snacks, and networking with performance marketing experts. Dive into the new technologies and customer data strategies that industry leaders are embracing as third-party cookies are deprecated and the new era of advertising begins.


  • Connect with leading performance marketers embracing the future of digital advertising.

  • Deep dive into first-party data strategies that boost user privacy and supercharge campaigns.

  • Explore cutting-edge tools and tactics reshaping the advertising landscape as we know it.

Let’s tackle the challenges of third-party cookie deprecation and embrace the opportunities of this new era of advertising!


Amit Erande

Amit Erande, Partner, North America – Global CDP Lead


Anoo Lalchandani

Anoo Lalchandani, Senior AdTech Business Development Lead


John Lopus

John Lopus, Senior Solutions Engineer