Reckitt x Artefact

The Audience Engine: Building a Scalable and AI-driven Approach to 1P Data


Join Artefact’s Tristan Silhol (Data Marketing Lead), Guilherme Amaral (Global Digital Transformation Manager), and Anna Humphreys (Senior Audience Manager, US) at Reckitt, as they discuss common challenges CPG companies face when leveraging consumer data to reach their marketing segmentation online and the key success factors in designing a future-proof digital marketing ecosystem.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Appreciate the value of data-driven marketing in the CPG industry

  • Understand Artefact’s Audience Engine approach and measurement methodology

  • Leverage a guide to translating marketing segmentation into addressable digital audiences through data-driven automation


Guilherme Altieri do Amaral

Guilherme Altieri do Amaral, Global Manager Digital Transformation


Anna Humphreys

Anna Humphreys, Senior Audience Manager


Tristan Silhol

Tristan Silhol, Senior Consulting Manager – Digital & Data services

Artefact US