AI in Property Breakfast - London

The Transformative Value of AI in the Property Sector

In the next of our series of events exploring AI in Property, we are excited to host the next practical AI in Property Workshop. This event will be hosted at our offices in the City of London on Tuesday the 14th of May from 8:30am – 11:30pm, breakfast is provided.

In this interactive workshop, designed for business leaders, we will discuss:

  • Which processes or pinch points can AI support or resolve in the UK Property Sector today?
  • Demos of already implemented tools across a number of different asset classes, presented by several innovative companies.

  • Possible use cases and “exam questions” which we see in the industry and could be solved through the use of AI.

  • Common challenges and pitfalls to avoid when deploying AI in your organisation.

Spaces are limited so sign up today!


  • 8:30 AM | Breakfast

  • 9:00 AM | Opening Remarks by Jefferson Lynch, CEO of Red Olive,

  • 9:05 AM | Introduction to AI in the Property Sector by Christopher de Gruben, Director and Head of Property at Artefact UK,

  • 9:15 AM | Presentation on AI – Under the Hood by Aditi Chetty, Senior Data Scientist at Artefact UK,

  • 9:30 AM | Demo and presentation on Gen AI Lease Explorer by Marta Carrascosa, Senior Data Scientist at Artefact UK,

  • 9:45 AM | Break

  • 9:55 AM | Presentation on Predictive Maintenance – Complaints by Jefferson Lynch, CEO of Red Olive,

  • 10:20 AM | Presentation on Data Requirements for AI projects by Philippa Hamilton, Data Product Manager at Landmark Information Group,

  • 10:35 AM | Presentation on Edge – Leveraging Building Data by Harry Morphakis, Director at Artefact UK,

  • 10:50 AM | Break

  • 11:00 AM | Presentation by Adrian Johnston, CEO and Cofounder of Elyos Energy,

  • 11:15 AM | Presentation by James Pellatt, Strategic Advisor at Laiout,

  • 11:30 AM | Conclusion and Final Remarks by Christopher de Gruben and Jefferson Lynch.

Who We Are

Artefact is a leading global consulting company dedicated to accelerating the adoption of data and AI to positively impact people and organizations. We specialize in data transformation and data marketing to drive tangible business results across the entire enterprise value chain. Artefact offers the most comprehensive set of data-driven solutions per industry, built on deep data science and cutting-edge AI technologies, delivering AI projects at scale in all industry sectors.


Jefferson Lynch

Jefferson Lynch, CEO

Red Olive

Red Olive helps clients make better use of their data by exploring patterns to drive revenue growth or cost optimization. Jefferson founded Red Olive in 2010 and has more than 20 years experience in the fields of analytics, data mining and data management, working with and assisting a wide variety of leading organisations. The underlying theme of Jefferson’s and Red Olive’s work has always been to add value through better exploitation of the information and data these organisations already have.

James Pellatt

James Pellatt, Strategic Advisor


James is a Senior Real Estate and Tech Integration Leader with three decades of unparalleled experience in the acquisition, development and operation of premium real estate. Throughout his career, James has overseen the development of more than 6 million sq ft of technology enhanced, sustainable properties in London, Europe, and New York. His leadership in innovation and digital transformation has enabled organisations to elevate customer satisfaction, achieve sustainability goals, and enhance staff productivity.

Adrian Johnston

Adrian Johnston, CEO & Co-founder

Elyos Energy

Elyos Energy is a software platform for energy optimization, flexibility and demand response. Elyos helps businesses save money on their energy bills and reduce their emissions by optimizing their energy consumption and avoiding peak electricity prices. Adrian is the founder and CEO of Elyos Energy having previously worked at BCG Energy Practice. Adrian completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in physics from Oxford and holds a master’s degree in the energy transition from Harvard.

Philippa Hamilton

Philippa Hamilton, Data Product Manager

Landmark Information Group

Harry Morphakis

Harry Morphakis, Senior Director

Artefact UK

With a strong foothold in the dynamic sectors of AI, IoT, data science, and robotics, Harry has dedicated his career to driving transformational projects that deliver tangible business value for S&P 500 and FTSE 100 clients. Specialising in the incubation and operationalisation of cutting-edge technologies, he has become a go-to expert for organizations seeking a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

As a Senior Director at Artefact, a data science consultancy committed to delivering hardcore business value, Harry leads initiatives that help organizations unlock new revenue streams and operate more efficiently.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Harry is deeply passionate about Next-Gen Clean Energy, and EdTech, seeing them as catalysts for a brighter, more sustainable future. He’s also an avid aviation enthusiast and is always eager to engage in conversations about it, anytime, anywhere.

Christopher de Gruben

Christopher de Gruben, Director, Head of Property

Artefact UK

Chris delivers transformational change for large firms in the UK with a focus on real estate, data science and urban planning.

He brings over 15 years of technical and real world experience to the table as a Chartered Property Valuer (MRICS), Expert Witness, Urban Planner (Assoc RTPI) and Geographer (FRGS). He has key skills in development appraisals, operating model design, scenario building and change management. He speaks fluent English and French.

Jaynaan Parmar

Jaynaan Parmar, Senior Consultant – Property Tribe

Artefact UK

Jaynaan is an experienced business & digital transformation consultant leveraging his analytical & versatile background to deliver incremental business value & performance increase. He has spent 7 years in Canada’s largest property management company and a B Corp developer managing technology transformations involving software implementation, systems change management, data science tool deployment, deploying business intelligence tools and sustainability framework design.

Aditi Chetty

Aditi Chetty, Senior Data Scientist – Property Tribe

Artefact UK

Aditi is an experienced senior data scientist with a diverse background working across both the public and private sector in the UK & Australia. She has extensive experience working with property clients to deliver AI and data science solutions that provide tangible business value. Across her 5+ years of work experience she has worked across both the policy and strategic implications of data science projects as well as the development and deployment of AI/ ML decision making tools and cloud based information sharing platforms.

Marta Aliu Carrascosa

Marta Aliu Carrascosa, Senior Data Scientist – Property Tribe

Artefact UK

Marta is a Senior Data Scientist with 3 years of experience delivering advanced Data Science and Machine Learning solutions across diverse industries including retail, beauty, pharma, and FMCG. Combining her background in civil engineering and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with data science, Marta seamlessly integrates traditional engineering best practices with innovative data-driven solutions to drive digital transformation. With a passion for leveraging data to inform decision-making and foster business growth, Marta is committed to making a meaningful impact by applying data and AI to real-world challenges.