Artefact is a new generation of data service providers specialising in data consulting and data-driven digital marketing. It is dedicated to transforming data into business impact across the entire value chain of organisations. We are proud to say we’re enjoying skyrocketing growth. The backbone of our consulting missions, today our Data consulting team has more than 400 consultants covering all Artefact's offers (and more): data marketing, data governance, strategy consulting, product owner…

What will you be doing?

As a Data Analyst, your key responsibilities revolve around utilizing Python and SQL for data manipulation and analysis, coupled with leveraging visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, and Web Applications to present insights effectively.
Your primary duties include:

  • Data Analysis: Employing Python and SQL to extract, clean, and analyze data to derive actionable insights.
  • Visualization Techniques: Using Tableau, PowerBI, and Web Applications to create intuitive and insightful visual representations of data for effective communication.
  • Statistical Understanding: Applying statistical concepts and understanding data structures to interpret data patterns and trends accurately.

What are we looking for?

  • 0-2 years: Associate Data Analyst
  • 2-3 years: Data Analyst
  • 3-5 years: Senior Data Analyst
  • Proficiency in Python, SQL, and data manipulation for analysis purposes.
  • Experience in data visualisation tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, and Web Applications for
  • creating interactive and informative dashboards.
  • Solid understanding of statistics and data structures for accurate data interpretation.
  • Attitude & Soft Skills:
  • Proven problem-solving skills and a solution-oriented mindset.
  • Excellent communication skills to collaborate effectively within teams and with stakeholders.
  • Strong business acumen with an interest in business-facing roles.
  • Adaptability and a start-up mentality to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Where do you work?

  • Candidates with similar skill sets and experiences have excelled in technology firms or
  • consultancy firms.
  • Academic Background: Successful candidates often possess Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Data Science & Analytics degrees.



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