• From design to deployment, you manage your solution end-to-end, while also optimising the performance, security and scalability.
  • Salary range: from 42K-80k euro per year in France, or equivalent in other countries.
  • Our working language is in English and preferably the local language of the office.


The team

The most tech people of our Data & Consulting division, the title of “Data engineer” or “Software engineer” does not describe everything our amazing women and men can do: data engineering, operation management, security, cloud architecture, MLOps, and more.

Presenting in each and every office of Artefact, working seamlessly with our consultants and data experts, our Data & Software engineers are the ones who make our data projects come true.



You will work with the team to identify your clients' needs and define innovative solutions of which you will be ownership from start to end. You manage both its conception and implementation, while also optimising the performance and scalability.

You will also coach others, keep abreast of industry news/updates and get stuck into training sessions with our business partners and suppliers, such as Google & Amazon. You share your knowledge, learnings and success, with the capability of presenting and communicating.


Desirable skills

  • You are the master of several, or all the value chain's activities of the projects: cloud infrastructure, data pipeline implementations, data warehouse and data lake management, machine learning engineering, APIs, software testing, continuous integration and deployment;
  • You have no problem popularizing technical terms or solutions to more business-oriented profiles, you can work in a team with very diversified profiles.
  • You know how to prioritize your tasks, respect deadlines, and anticipate projects' risks.

… or soon you will be, contact us!


Why should you join us

  • Artefact is the place to be: come and build the future of data and marketing
  • Innovation: We have a passion for creating impacting projects, and believe innovation can come from anyone.
  • Action: We make things rather than telling people how to make them.
  • Collaboration: We believe in bringing talented people together, in winning together, and in learning from each other.

Come join us!


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Teamwork makes the dream works.

Les équipes Artefact sont composées des meilleurs experts dans leurs domaines. Nous considérons comme un devoir de veiller sur leur développement professionnel et leur bien-être personnel.