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SEO News, Septembre 2019.

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SEO News by Olivier Perbet.

1 – Official Google Webmaster News


Search Console : Fresher data in the Search Performance report

Data from the Performance report is now available 1 day after. The report also now includes a Date dimension.


Search Console : Old version shut down

Legacy reports are now directly linked in the new Search Console menu.


Rich Snippets : display rules now more restrictive

The common hack of having a sitewide company rating markup to display star ratings for every page in the SERPs won’t work anymore. Only specific Schema types are allowed (individual products / services) and will display ratings.


New nofollow tags for user-generated links and sponsored links

Should have no impact on SEO, but would help Google better understand these specific kinds of links.


New meta-robots tags to shorten or remove a website’s SERP snippets

The intent is to give media websites more control over what content they display in Google News.



2 – Technical SEO


Web Performance : Lighthouse in Chrome allows you to test recommendations locally

Lighthouse in Chrome allows local overrides : you can now locally save the HTML page you’re auditing online to apply modifications and see if performance improves (lazy-loading, async…)


Web Performance : LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), new KPI

New web performance KPI, LCP reports the render time of the largest content element in the viewport (image, text), once the page is fully loaded.


HTTP/3 : introduction and improvements compared to HTTP/1.1 et HTTP/2



3 – Relevant SEO Columns


Biggest SEO Myths by Bill Slawski


From Crawling to Conversions by Botify