Big Data LDN 2023

Artefact at Big Data LDN on CDP Excellence

CDP Excellence: navigating challenges, embracing change and shaping the future

Join Artefact and Treasure Data for insights into the customer data platform (CDP) landscape. Understand market dynamics, the challenges of CDP adoption, and key lessons learned. Discover strategic ways to leverage CDPs effectively and move beyond technical hurdles. Learn what we can expect looking into the future, as well as trends and best practices, emphasising expertise and change management. Elevate your CDP strategy for transformative results and actionable takeaways.


Zack Wenthe

Zack Wenthe, Director of Customer Marketing

Treasure Data

Callum Golds

Callum Golds, Strategic Alliances & Partnership Director

Treasure Data

Athena Sharma

Athena Sharma, Senior Director

Artefact UK

Athena is a senior director at Artefact and the UKI Financial Services Lead, with a wealth of experience in data and AI strategy and transformation. She has a strong track record of advising leading UK commercial and retail banking clients on strategy and transformation projects, as well as working with private equity clients to transform and enhance portfolio synergies using data.