Artefact Webinar: Data & Digital Maturity

How Data and Digital Maturity Drives Business Success

Join Artefact’s global leaders for an insightful journey into the world of digital transformation and business success! Discover how harnessing the power of data and achieving digital maturity can propel your organisation to new heights.

Attendees will gain important knowledge on digital and data marketing maturity, as well as data capabilities maturity, enriched by real-world case studies from Reckitt, Ba&sh and Societe General, allowing them to foster business success in the digital age.

🔹Uncover the stages of digital marketing maturity and its game-changing impact on outperforming competitors. Get insights into basic to advanced strategies that drive tangible results.

🔹Explore the synergy between digital maturity and data marketing. Discover how data-driven strategies can supercharge your business.

🔹Dive into the world of data maturity, its challenges, and its pivotal role across diverse industries. Learn how readiness with data can reshape your business landscape.

🔹 Witness live case studies that demonstrate how data & digital maturity transforms client businesses. Gain practical insights into challenges faced, solutions employed, and the remarkable outcomes achieved.

🔹 The session ends with a Q&A, allowing attendees to engage with experts and deepen their understanding of the discussed concepts.

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Vincent Laquerriere

Vincent Laquerriere, Client Director


In 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field, Vincent has supported various clients in many industries (retail, auto, banking, insurance, entertainment, services, travel) on French and international scopes, as an expert (SEA & Display) as well as on a multi-channel consulting position.

Vincent has recently focused his activity on maturity assessment missions due to his solid experience on both paid media and consulting, providing tailor made strategies based on his ability to run and gather insights from technical audits.

Nina Abide

Nina Abide, Commercial Director


Nina serves as a Commercial Director for Artefact Group. Here, she’s part of a team that offers a range of services and solutions, each thoughtfully designed to support business growth and generate productive results for various industries.

Within the dynamic environment of Artefact, Nina and her colleagues focus their efforts on data transformation, digital marketing, and data marketing consulting. Their shared expertise allows them to create custom solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client. Their portfolio of work includes data-driven marketing strategies, digital presence enhancements, and the use of data and AI technologies to transform businesses.

Sjoerd Lops

Sjoerd Lops, Manager Client Strategy


Sjoerd has more than 6 years of experience in digital marketing where he works with different clients in travel, and telecommunication but has especially focused on the European fashion industry (e-commerce). He advocates for finding the ultimate combination of brand awareness and performance marketing for short- and long-term sales. He uses attribution modeling and marketing science to achieve the best synergy between different types of customers and online media channels.