Fireside Chat

Reckitt x Artefact

How to measure true Marketing ROI in a cookieless world

Understanding the true incremental impact & ROI of marketing budgets has been one of the most complicated challenges for marketing leaders since the rise & mass diversification of digital marketing.

Marketing mix modelling and Data Driven Attribution were designed to solve for this, but each has their flaws. These flaws will only be amplified further as we edge closer towards the end of cookie based tracking.

In this fireside chat, Artefact’s Bobby Gray (Head of Data) & Aleksandra Semenenko (Lead Data scientist) and Reckitt Benckiser’s Henry Jung discuss the measurement challenges that lie ahead, why we must completely rethink our approach to marketing measurement in the cookie-less world and the new measurement solution developed by Artefact that promises to solve many of the challenges identified with current models – Artefact mROI


Aleksandra Semenenko

Aleksandra Semenenko, Data Science & Consulting Director

Artefact UK

Aleksandra has used genAI to develop multiple tools for her clients: marketing suite automation – build a creative using a prompt, create a persona for your campaign & chat with this persona to tailor the campaign for their specific needs – as well as consumer support automation – genai helps us to work with consumer reviews, address alarming messages, turn consumer interest into marketing campaign or a promo.

Henry Jung

Henry Jung, Data Science Product Owner


Bobby Gray

Bobby Gray, Head of Data & Analytics


Bobby is responsible for accelerating the data maturity of Artefact’s clients using 1st-party audience modelling, attribution and measurement, online to offline tracking and more. He is passionate about using the latest tech innovations to drive efficiencies across client operations and using data to drive incremental revenue growth.