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AI Technologies & Certification

Our data technology brings AI accelerators and actionable business intelligence.

Data is at the core of Artefact’s innovation

Before we develop, we always bring a fresh pair of eyes to help us understand your challenges and pain points.

We code algorithms but we’re not robots – we’re people who communicate, collaborate and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our AI enablers.


Our data technologies are all developed with use cases in mind. Our data engineers are eager to understand problems and solve critical issues that may arise within your business.

We always focus on how we can implement innovation. Even the most innovative solutions are meaningless if they only apply to a small part of your business.


(AI)² is a squad of innovative research engineers who use emerging AI technologies to add real business value.

(AI)² reinforces the technological leadership of Artefact and fuels a cutting-edge mindset.

The latest Machine Learning technologies are exploited to the fullest to develop future experiences.

Our technology platforms process your data and increase your business performance

The best AI technology only has value if it has a real long-term impact on your business. Our platforms accelerate your decision-making and automate your processes quickly and sustainably. Easy integration with your legacy systems and thorough client training ensures the business continuity of our solutions.

NΛUTILUS for AI projects 



Our Nautilus platform is a Software Development Kit (SDK)built with LEGO bricks of open source technologies for fast scalability of AI use cases. These automation enablers are integrated with client technology to automate tasks. They can be quickly assembled to deploy our innovative solutions.


OCTOPUS for Data Marketing

Octopus is a data marketing platform focused on performance and insights. It helps maximise media performance through analytics and prediction so companies can invest their savings in more creative campaigns or in testing new fun things.