Fireside Chat

Treasure Data x Artefact | Cookieless Readiness


Whilst the third party cookie may not be set to fully crumble until 2023, it is still business critical for brands to focus on customer centricity and begin maximising the value potential from their 1P data.

Developing a 1P data strategy and moving to a single customer view can be daunting; it doesn’t have to be, as you can start small and scale successful use-cases and grow your capabilities over time.

In this fireside chat, Treasure Data’s Jonathan von Abo (Head of Strategic Partnerships), Artefact’s Bobby Gray (Head of Data & Analytics) and Sara Burge (Senior Data Consultant) will discuss the key benefits of effective 1P data use, as well as how the CDP can enable these benefits not just across marketing, but the entire value chain.

Other topics for discussion will include:

  • Gain a competitive advantage from your first party data strategy

  • Build or Buy: which is better for my business?

  • Single Customer View: advantages and how to get there

  • How Treasure Data and Artefact helped leading clients maximise value from their investments in data

即刻注册,学习如何解决您的复杂数据问题。从行业先锋Treasure Data获得洞察力,该公司的CDP被世界上400多个最知名的品牌所信任;以及我们的Artefact 专家,他们已经改变了全球领先的CPG、汽车、科技和零售品牌的数据。


Sara Burge,

Jonathan von Abo

Jonathan von Abo, Head of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships (EMEA + India)

Treasure Data

Bobby Gray

Bobby Gray, Head of Data & Analytics


Bobby is responsible for accelerating the data maturity of Artefact’s clients using 1st-party audience modelling, attribution and measurement, online to offline tracking and more. He is passionate about using the latest tech innovations to drive efficiencies across client operations and using data to drive incremental revenue growth.