CDAO Financial Services x Artefact

Accelerate Data-Driven Growth and Innovation in the Financial Services Industry


Meet our leadership team at booth #28!

30+ Speakers, 16+ Hours of Learning, 150+ Attendees

CDAO Financial Services brings together your data & analytics community from the Financial Services industry for two days of learning, networking and collaboration. The event is for data & analytics leaders serving the Financial Services industries to discover the latest trends and challenges facing your role.

On March 1-2, Artefact leaders will be present at the two-day event to:

  • Discuss the latest trends in data & analytics for financial services

  • Understand burning issues faced by industry leaders

  • Share our data, analytics and AI offerings.


We will discuss the latest trends with you, understand burning issues faced by industry leaders, and share our data, analytics and AI offerings.

Attend Artefact’s presentation with Akhilesh Kale as key speaker:

What are the best kept secrets to maximize value and receive buy-in for data & analytics initiatives for financial services institutions?

  • How can data leaders achieve this and what is the secret sauce as you strive to deliver value across your use cases?

  • What are the ways of working for data teams to be in lockstep with your business counterparts – bottoms up / top down?

  • How to achieve simplicity in messaging and focus on business outcomes resulting from sophisticated data capabilities of the modern data stack?

  • How can you unleash real value from data & analytics transformation programs by bridging the business – data/tech gap, industrializing high value solutions and managing change?

Akhilesh Kale 领导我们在美国的金融服务的数据和分析服务。他曾为多家财富100强的金融服务机构服务,建立了从数据基础到高级分析的下一代数据产品,使收入增长受益,提高了运营效率和监管合规性。


Akhilesh Kale

Akhilesh Kale, Financial Services Lead

Artefact US

Akhilesh Kale(AK)领导我们在美国的金融服务的数据和分析服务。 他曾为多家财富100强的金融服务机构服务,建立了从数据基础到高级分析的下一代数据产品,有利于收入增长,提高运营效率和监管合规。他在推动与销售、营销、B2B/B2C客户数据中心、支付智能、反洗钱/KYC和监管报告用例相关的数据项目方面拥有实践经验。AK专注于与金融服务领域的前台和后台领导以及他们的数据和技术团队合作,帮助从数据资产中提取最大价值,建立强大的数据产品/平台并实施数据管理解决方案。