• From design to deployment, you manage your solution end-to-end, while also optimising the performance, security and scalability.
  • Our working language is in English and preferably the local language of the office.


The team

The most tech people of our Data & Consulting division, the title of “Data engineer” or “Software engineer” does not describe everything our amazing women and men can do: data engineering, operation management, security, cloud architecture, MLOps, and more.

在Artefact ,我们的数据和软件工程师与我们的顾问和数据专家合作无间,是他们使我们的数据项目成为现实。






Desirable skills

  • 你是项目的几个或所有价值链活动的主人:云基础设施,数据管道实施,数据仓库和数据湖管理,机器学习工程,API,软件测试,持续集成和部署。
  • 你对普及技术术语或解决方案没有问题,你可以在一个具有非常多样化的团队中工作。
  • 你知道如何安排任务的优先次序,尊重最后期限,并预测项目的风险。



Why should you join us

  • Artefact is the place to be: come and build the future of data and marketing
  • Innovation: We have a passion for creating impacting projects, and believe innovation can come from anyone.
  • Action: We make things rather than telling people how to make them.
  • Collaboration: We believe in bringing talented people together, in winning together, and in learning from each other.

Come join us!


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Teamwork makes the dream works.