Who are we 

Artefact 是一个新一代的数据咨询公司,在19个国家拥有1200多名员工,致力于支持我们客户的转型。

What is it to be a Senior Software Engineer in Artefact?

As a Senior Software Engineer at Artefact you will work on all aspects of data engineering in multidisciplinary client teams. As a Senior Software Engineer at Artefact, you will be responsible for the good relationship with your clients in terms of software engineering tasks and you will start to supervise more junior profiles.

You will be using data as a tool to solve the real-world problems encountered by various sectors (e.g. retail, luxe, telecom, healthcare). This involves multiple activities:

  • You will work in an agile team composed of data experts like you, but also non-technical people.
  • You will work on and deploy your software to the cloud (GCP, AWS or Azure).
  • You will implement software with Python and SQL to create applications and data transformations.
  • You will apply DevOps principles: automating tests and cloud deployments with CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code (we use terraform), packaging applications in containers (we usedocker), implementing enablers for data observability (we use DBT).
  • You will be developing one or more of the following technical expertises: Software Development, Analytics Engineering, ML Engineering, Cloud Architecture, or Site Security & Reliability Engineering

Profile – What we are looking for?

  • You act on the whole value chain of projects (infrastructures and platforms creation, data collection, application of machine learning models, REST APIs creations, test-driven development, CI/CD, …)
  • Your studies involved software engineering, and you have experience in DevOps / DevSecOps
  • You know how to set up and deploy ML model provided by our data scientists
  • You have a good knowledge of Python
  • You have an intimate understanding of SQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer)
  • Experience with managed cloud databases (BigQuery, Firestore, Redshift, CosmoDB, …) and  indexation systems (ElasticSearch, Vespa) is a plus 
  • You are familiar or have already used cloud technologies such as GCP or AWS
  • You have already used big data and microservices technologies such as Spark, Beam, Airflow and Docker (K8S is an asset)
  • You can popularize technical terms and solutions to business oriented profiles, you can work in a team with very diversified profiles
  • You know how to prioritize your tasks, respect deadlines or raise alerts when they are at risk
  • You can manage a team, coach juniors, identify their axes of progress
  • You can anticipate risks in projects from the design phase
  • You have a good level of English and you are fluent in french to work in our Parisian office.

The recruitment process : 

To join Artefact, we propose to you an hiring process in four steps : 

  • HR Call 
  • Interview #1 – Coding Test with a senior Software Engineer
  • Interview #2 – Architecture and Pipeline Test with a senior Software Engineer
  • Interview #3 – Fit Interview with the software engineer Director.

Each interview is an opportunity to talk about your experience and learn more about Artefact and the software engineer position 

Onboarding Process : 

When you join Artefact, we organize an onboarding week to give you a 360 degree view of the company (training to give you the keys of the consulting culture and the consulting skills, share of tips about the project management). This time allows you to meet other newcomers and to have a large vision of the company.

Tasty Benefits : 

  • Ideal location: we are based in the heart of Paris in the 9th district. 
  • 独特的人才组合 (数据顾问、数据分析师、数据科学家、软件工程师),以及快速的职业机会。
  • A great place to learn: You will master the key skills of the data consulting world: you will receive regular training on technology, you will work in hybrid teams, you will learn the specific ways of working in tech (product mindset, agility…). At the end of your Artefact experience, you are an experienced technology leader.
  • In addition, you have a mentor who will be dedicated to help you in your orientation and your professional development within Artefact.
  • Culture: Innovation, Collaboration and Action are our values. We are doers who working together to create innovative solutions

At Artefact, we recruit our employees only on the basis of our needs and the individual qualities of each candidate. We ensure the development of their professional skills and responsibilities without discrimination of any kind, including belief, gender, age, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, membership of a political organization, religion, trade union or minority group.



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