Leading data and digital agency Artefact announces two new offices in the UK and the USA to meet growth ambition and people expansion.

PR – May 2022 | Announce the opening of two new offices in the UK and the USA to meet growth ambition and people expansion

Artefact has relocated its UK & New York teams to new offices in the retrospective cities. In London, the team moved to a new office on Lloyd’s Avenue, London, following a period of worldwide growth and the expansion of sister offices in Germany, China and Singapore. In New York, the team relocated to a new and larger office space located on Avenue of the Americas, just blocks away from the Rockefeller Center.

Artefact UK’s team has been experiencing significant growth in recent months; specifically in the field of data consulting and data marketing, with the hiring of two new consultant directors in March.

The London-based office serves several global clients in their digital marketing and data transformation programmes, across the verticals of travel and tourism, consumer electronics, retail and CPG.

在整个2022年,Artefact ,预计将看到持续增长,重点是数据营销、大规模数据治理方案和数字营销的所有方面的新的长期项目。

Wednesday 4th May marked the official opening of the London office. Employees were greeted to a complementary cooked breakfast, accompanied by an introduction and business update by UK Managing Director & Partner, Pascal Coggia.

“The opening of our new London office is indicative of our long-term ambition to become a tier-one data consulting business. I am excited to move into this new space and continue our strong growth drive”

Pascal Coggia, UK Managing Director & Partner

The new space is designed to cultivate inter-team cooperation and synergy; fostering the company values of collaboration, action and innovation. The office offers a clean, open layout with numerous meeting rooms and a large social space for town hall meetings.

Artefactors can enjoy the entertainment aspects that the office has to offer, such as a pool table, foosball and table tennis. Employees can also choose to unwind and learn in the book corner. The new space will be ideal to host company socials, after work events and client meetings alike.

Likewise, Artefact’s New York office has been experiencing notable growth over the last few months, as they continue to add team members, including two new consulting directors.


The new office space has a purpose to further promote teamwork, collaboration, and mentorship across teams. The office space provides colleagues with individual work spaces, meeting rooms, and with skyline views of New York City.

“Moving to this new space, blocks away from our biggest clients, solidifies our long-term relations with our early US partners, as well as a willingness to continue to forge our team culture as new members grow the team every month”
Ghadi Hobeika, US Managing Partner

在Artefact所有办公室,我们重视所有员工的专业发展和个人健康。要了解更多关于在Artefact 工作的感觉以及如何加入我们的团队,请访问我们的职业网页:https://www.artefact.com/careers/

For Artefact’s full list of offices, click here.

Artefact London’s new office address is as follows: 4th Floor, 1 Lloyd’s Avenue London, EC3N 3DS

Artefact New York’s new office address is as follows: 9th Floor, 1140 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10036

For Artefact’s full list of offices, please visit our website: https://www.artefact.com/artefact-offices/

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