Are you sitting on a (second-party) data goldmine?

16 December 2021 The value of data – and from there, how to monetize it – is much-discussed, but it’s a holy grail yet to be achieved by many organizations. Second-party data partnerships offer a way to tackle the challenge, and are of particular interest in the context of the soon-to-be-culled third-party cookie. So how should a company go about setting up these commercial relationships? Our experience of all things data at Artefact has informed four key guidelines.

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Out of cookies? Fuel an AI-based Audience Engine with first-party data for accurate targeting!

14 December 2021 The transformation of the technical and regulatory environment around collecting and processing personal data is profoundly impacting the ability of marketers to precisely target and measure their audiences. Brands need to review their data strategies if they are to continue to accurately reach their audiences and optimise their media budgets.

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Causation and correlation: a route to smarter marketing

19 November 2021 Data professionals everywhere are scrambling to find a sustainable and effective successor to the third-party cookie. Here, for our Deep Dive on Data, Bobby Gray and Aleksandra Semenenko of Drum Network member agency Artefact tell us to look no further than causation-based approaches.

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The road ahead: data-driven marketing is critical for the evolving car industry

2 November 2021 To the casual observer, the motor industry might seem in good health, with electric and hybrid vehicles increasingly appearing on our streets and driverless cars becoming a reality, not to mention people preferring the safety of their car over public transport following the coronavirus pandemic. But this surface view belies an industry in flux, facing change from several directions.

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