At the "AI for Climate" networking event held on December 6, 2023, at COP28 in the UAE, Artefact brought together a diverse audience. The attendees spanned different ages, countries, and professional fields, including startups, established companies, policymakers, artists, entrepreneurs, and incubators.

The event provided a platform for participants to connect, collaborate, and engage in dynamic discussions surrounding climate challenges and potential solutions.

Keynote speakers and panelists

  • Rahul Arya, CEO and Managin Partner at Artefact MENA

  • Stephen Severance, Head of Program Management and Marketing at Masdar City

  • Dr Ebtesam Al Mazrouei, AI Expert

  • Damien Gromier, Founder of AI for the Planet, Partner and CEO Open Innovation at Artefact

  • Oussama Ahmad, Data Consulting Partner and Global Travel & Tourism Lead at Artefact MENA

  • Come Perpere, Chief Sustainability Officer at Microsoft France

  • Vikram Krishna, Co-founder of the Sacred Groves C.I.C

  • Prashant Raizada, Founder & CEO of Lumi.Network

The transformative power of AI for carbon neutrality and wildlife monitoring

In his keynote, Rahul delved into the transformative power of AI, covering various topics from building AI applications to the migration of infrastructures for carbon neutrality. He emphasized the role of AI in sales forecasting, showcasing its potential to significantly reduce carbon footprints.

Rahul also explored the fascinating realm of wildlife monitoring, presenting a compelling case study that leveraged AI applications. The study demonstrated the use of camera images and other tools to preserve wildlife, predict threats, and contribute to the conservation of endangered species.

“Today, hosting the ‘AI for Sustainability and Climate’ networking event is a testament to our commitment to pioneering positive change through innovative solutions. By bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, and the brightest minds in the fields of climate and AI, we aim to amplify the dialogue on leveraging technology for a sustainable future. We believe that by harnessing the power of AI, we can catalyze transformative solutions and empower the younger generation to lead the way towards a more sustainable and resilient world.”
Rahul Arya, CEO & Managing Partner at Artefact MENA

Empowering Youth for a Better Tomorrow: AI Solutions for Sustainability

The event continued with a panel that addressed crucial points, including uncovering climate change challenges through data, AI’s potential as a breakthrough for sustainable solutions, and navigating the paradox of AI as both a ’cause’ and ‘remedy’ for climate change.

“Digital technologies and in particular latest developments on Artificial Intelligence represents a key opportunity to tackle some of the most important challenges of our times, including climate change and biodiversity loss. We need to put all our efforts together leveraging those solutions in the right way.”
Côme Perpere, Chief Sustainability Officer, Microsoft France
“AI and Climate change, represent two of the greatest threats for the next generation. It is imperative to build awareness and harness their innate creativity, combined with power of Ai to find innovative ways to stay ahead of these issues. Lumi wants to co-lead on this front with leading institutions and companies globally.”
Prashant Raizada, Founder & CEO of Lumi.Network
“Progressive companies that will include nature as a part of their value proposition shall win disproportionately.”
Vikram Krishna, Co-Founder of The Sacred Groves C.I.C

AI Climate Action Consortium: A joint initiative

A major initiative was unveiled during the panel discussion. Ahead of COP29, Artefact committed to involving youth in 29 quests, generating AI solutions to save 29 hectares of forests through The Sacred Groves C.I.C. Our senior data scientists and AI specialists will mentor these young minds, with Microsoft powering the platform through Azure capabilities.

Networking Session

To cap off the event, attendees engaged in a vibrant networking session. This was a valuable opportunity for guests to connect with potential collaborators, accelerators, and thought leaders in the field of AI and climate action. The session facilitated inspiring conversations and dynamic discussions, allowing participants to explore collaborative solutions that turn ideas into actionable initiatives.

Artefact’s “AI for Sustainability and Climate” event at COP28 was not only a platform for knowledge-sharing but also a catalyst for forging meaningful partnerships and driving positive change in the intersection of AI and climate action.

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