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Artefact services are empowered by data with a business-centric approach

Our unique company assets deliver tangible results

Cutting-edge AI Technologies

Data technology is the backbone of everything we design and develop.


We lead AI innovation with superior technology platforms and our (AI)² Lab.


We have developed exclusive technology platforms: Nautilus for Data Consulting, and Octopus for Digital Marketing to boost the performance of our solutions.


We develop and integrate our AI accelerators into our clients’ systems so that they become assets to their companies.


Our proven consulting and project management methodologies mean we offer exceptional quality and delivery.


We deliver projects quickly by using agile methods with short sprints. We make sure our data services impact our clients’ businesses at every step of the process.


We have developed specific methodologies dedicated to Lean AI, Precision Marketing and Growth Hacking.


We train our clients to ensure our business solutions continue in the long-term.


Our Feature Teams are composed of talented experts in data consulting, data engineering and digital marketing.


They break silos and work collaboratively with each other and our clients’ teams.


We are award-winning marketing creatives and innovative-thinking collaborators, and our people have degrees from the world’s top institutions in business and engineering.

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