Combine data and environmental transformations for greater impact.

Leverage data to support your sustainability transformation.

Structure your sustainability data

Structure your sustainability data, especially to prepare for reglementary requirements such as CSRD.

Measure sustainability indicators

Measure sustainability indicators to support your operational managers’ decision making and to reduce the company’s footprint.

Act on your environmental footprint

Act on your environmental footprint, from identifying and prioritizing data-driven use cases to rapidly developing innovative solutions.


Structure your data to prepare for sustainability regulatory requirements.

Whatever your sector, you face regulatory requirements for data collection and structuring. Artefact ensures data transparency and auditability, preventing penalties and saving time for easy disclosure of ESG reporting, especially CSRD.


Measure and report on your KPIs to calculate your ESG impact and commit to taking the right actions.

Artefact supports you with two main impact measurement streams:

1. Extra-financial reporting to comply with regulatory requirements (such as CSRD).

With our ready-to-use assets such as ESG data models and KPI glossaries, Artefact can support you from choosing your extra-financial reporting tool to building your sustainability KPIs.

Artefact helped a pharmaceutical company in the selection of their ESG reporting tool for their CSRD reporting by integrating data requirements and maturity assessment to select the right partner that would fit within the client’s existing technical ecosystem.


2. Customizable, business-specific dashboard for teams to take ownership of their environmental footprint.

Artefact helps reveal the environmental footprint of each operational team. This empowers them to implement and track their reduction trajectory, and make timely adjustments where necessary.

Artefact enabled a retailer to measure the ecological impact of e-commerce in order to manage strategy, reduce carbon emissions, and engage customers in ecological transformation.

Act by developing rapid, innovative solutions to demonstrate tangible results for your sustainability transformation.

Artefact helps you qualify and prioritize data use cases across your value chain to ensure they meet your sustainability challenges and business goals.


Hackathons to jumpstart projects and prototype solutions with you in just three days.

Example of a hackathon organized by Artefact:
We organized a hackathon that facilitated the deployment of low-carbon solutions for industry stakeholders, with 13 projects developed for potential industrialization.


Development of industrialized solutions that fit within your technical ecosystem and whose impact can be monitored over time.

Example of solution industrialized by Artefact: We developed a system to forecast sales and optimize production of products on a daily basis.