Artefact helps clients maximize value of first-party data with Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud.

London; 13:00 (BST) & Paris; 14:00 (UTC+2); 27 June 2023
Treasure Data™, a leading enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, today announced a new formal formal partnership with global data consulting services company Artefact, designed to support brands throughout their customer journey.

By joining forces with their related offerings, the companies will enable customers to generate more business value from their marketing campaigns as well as enhance and personalize customer experiences. The collaboration also fosters the creation of an experts community, focused on data marketing and customer knowledge, with shared best practices and feedback that will benefit all clients.

Artefact helps clients maximize value of first-party data with Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud

The Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud is an award-winning, AI-enabled suite of CDP solutions, designed to facilitate an enterprise-wide approach to customer centricity across a range of industry verticals. Compliant, secure, and scalable, it integrates all customer data from across the organization to enable engagement strategies that are based on unified data and insights, boosting customer knowledge and enabling the personalization of marketing touchpoints at scale.

Artefact’s consultancy services provide end-to-end support, from data marketing strategies to the activation and measurement of marketing campaigns. As a Treasure Data Gold Partner, Artefact has more than 30 certified employees in over 12 locations around the world; they bring their specific expertise to assist customers through the buying, deployment, and execution stages of their Treasure Data project.

“Artefact recognizes the benefits of leveraging Treasure Data’s innovative Customer Data Cloud, and we are proud to work closely with them. Our partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to providing enterprises with a holistic view of their customers, along with unified customer insights that effectively support their marketing strategies to drive engagement and business results. We look forward to helping our joint global
customers achieve these goals.”
Kazuki Ohta, Co-Founder and CEO at Treasure Data

Treasure Data and Artefact joint offer

Artefact enables Treasure Data users to fully leverage their first-party data to deliver business value and maximize return-on-investment (ROI). This sees Artefact provide clients with a clear vision of their data maturity and readiness to implement a CDP. Based on this assessment, the setup and integration of the CDP is undertaken so that it fits the client’s ecosystem, and applications developed in line with business priorities. In addition, Artefact teams lead CDP solutions integration with dedicated applications, and run Booster Programs to measure the ROI of marketing actions. Marketing teams are empowered to enhance customer journeys with personalized and seamless messages to their prospects and clients.

“Customer data platforms are powerful tools that are increasingly being adopted as organizations realize that to build a sustainable and futureproof ecosystem their first- party data must be the focal point of their marketing operations. Working with Treasure Data’s state-of-the-art technology, Artefact’s expert teams ensure that customers maximize their investment and demonstrate value by delivering tangible and relevant results, as well as enhanced customer experiences.”
Vincent Luciani, Co-Founder and CEO of Artefact

Artefact and Treasure Data collaboration delivers results

Artefact and Treasure Data have already collaborated on more than 20 global accounts, enabling successful digital transformation projects across a variety of industries.

CDP ROI can be illustrated by various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which usually support larger digital transformation programs within organizations. Among the most impactful are:

  • Optimization of client acquisition strategies as a result of the reconciliation of online and offline profiles in a single customer view. The enriched insights enable the personalization of marketing communications from the initial prospecting phase.
  • Media budget savings through audience suppression applications such as excluding existing clients and hot prospects from branding media and paid search campaigns, as well as managing the frequency of cross-channel marketing messages.
  • Conversion rate uplift through the automated setup of targeted customer journeys (basket abandonment retargeting, inactive prospects revival, and website personalization, for example).

Artefact and Treasure Data at Nestlé

Multinational food and beverage brand Nestlé has benefited from the collaboration, which helped it streamline customer data across its businesses and use it to generate insights for its operations.

The disruption of consumption habits as a result of the pandemic drove the requirement for a CDP at Nestlé; the company needed to expand and improve its customer database in Brazil and manage its data to handle the sudden increase in e-commerce sales.

Working with Artefact and Treasure Data, Nestlé Brazil began to see the desired results. The company implemented the Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud with Artefact in under three months, delivering seven applications focused on advanced customer segmentation, marketing orchestration and data-driven measurement and optimization.

“Thanks to the dedication of the Treasure Data, Artefact, and internal Nestlé teams, we implemented our pilot CDP applications in just 92 days. This achievement allowed us to reach everyone on our database for the first time – a count of more than nine million people – compared to 64,000 in our previous CRM campaign in the first pilot. We also saw a 140% increase in the engagement with our consumers, and as a result of the data democratization enabled by the Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud, the tool’s adoption by the team has jumped from five to 50 across the business, and it’s growing every day.”
Patricia Kristman, Data and Analytics Manager at Nestlé Brazil

To hear more about this project, a webinar with Artefact, Treasure Data and Nestlé is available here: Learn How Nestlé is driving Marketing efficiencies & ROI leveraging the Customer Data Cloud


Treasure Data helps enterprises use all of their customer data to improve campaign performance, achieve operational efficiency, and drive business value with connected customer experiences. The Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud, our suite of customer data platform solutions, integrates customer data, connects identities in unified customer profiles, applies privacy, and makes insights and predictions available for Marketing, Service, Sales and Operations to drive personalized engagement and improve customer acquisition, sales, and retention.

Treasure Data is trusted by hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, has won numerous awards, and has been named a strong performer and leader by top analyst firms. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Treasure Data has offices in Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and France to help leading brands around the world make the connection. To learn more, visit


Artefact is an international data services company specializing in data transformation and data & digital marketing consulting, whose mission is to transform data into business impact by delivering tangible results across the entire value chain.

Artefact’s unique approach, which bridges the gap between data and business, enables our clients to achieve their business objectives in a dedicated and efficient manner. Our 1300 employees combine their multidisciplinary skills to help companies innovate their business. Our cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence and our agile methods guarantee the success of our clients’ AI projects, from design to deployment, including training and change management. Covering Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa through our local presence in 20 offices, we work with leading international brands such as Orange, Samsung, L’Oréal, or Sanofi worldwide.

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