Paris, 15th September 2022 – Artefact, a global data services consulting firm, acquires Startup Inside to strengthen its role as a thought leader in the data ecosystem and expand its portfolio of data-driven solutions.

Artefact, a data services consulting firm present in 16 countries, today announces the acquisition of Startup Inside, pioneer in open innovation and intrapreneurship strategy consulting, and a leader in producing international conferences and think tanks on Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Last December, Artefact exited the Euronext Paris stock exchange following a successful takeover bid by two investment funds: Ardian, the leading European private equity firm, and Cathay Capital, mainly active in Asia. Since then, Ardian and Cathay Capital have been supporting Artefact’s management in a new phase of growth acceleration and in its aim to become one of the world leaders in data consulting. This operation has enabled Artefact to invest in an ambitious recruitment program and to initiate an active M&A policy designed to consolidate a still highly fragmented data services market.

Artefact previously acquired Viva Data, a company specialized in data science training, then launched the Artefact School of Data in 2021. Artefact Africa was also recently integrated into the Group.

The acquisition of Startup Inside represents a new milestone, as it expands Artefact’s range of services and strengthens its role as an influential player at the forefront of the data ecosystem through think tanks, international conferences and hackathons that foster innovation in large organizations.

The Startup Inside group was founded in 2016 by Damien Gromier and Lorenzo Croati, who designed and deployed an approach called the “Startup experience”. Their system aims to communicate and impart the working methods of the startup world to employees of large international organizations in order to instill an entrepreneurial spirit. Their methodology has been extensively tested within these groups through the production of over 400 ideathons and hackathons, stimulating the creation of innovative projects and the identification and prioritization of use cases with strong business, environmental and social impact.

Partners since the 2018 creation of AI night, Artefact and Startup Inside share the conviction that the key to organizations’ performance lies in their ability to put their beneficiaries (customers or users) at the center of any innovation process, and to focus on speed of execution.

Startup Inside is also an expert in federating the various data players (startups, large companies, technology partners, and government institutions and research centers) around high-level events and conferences, making it one of the essential pillars of the ecosystem.

Startup Inside is recognized as the French leader in the creation of think tanks and ecosystem conferences on data and artificial intelligence, such as the international AI for the Planet conference created in collaboration with UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Program, the European AI for Finance conference, and the AI for Health think tank, which bring together thousands of experts and decision-makers each year.

The group will draw on the unique expertise of Startup Inside to develop new communities of experts and ecosystem events in the various territories where the company is established (United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, Asia, …). Road shows will also enhance the company’s influence and evangelization of the European data market.

“This strategic acquisition contributes to our mission of acculturating companies in the data sector. It completes our service offering, which covers the entire data business value chain, by leveraging the synergies of Startup Inside. The ‘Startup experience’ concept (internal hackathons in large organizations) is particularly useful for developing new product and service concepts, while promoting a culture of data-based use cases; it is perfectly complementary to our ‘Artefact Data Factory’ operating model, which ensures that use cases are transformed into concrete AI projects and efficiently industrialized.”
states Vincent Luciani, cofounder and CEO of Artefact.
“Our vision of the operation is twofold: to continue to grow our teams and to develop our international presence by relying on Artefact’s 16 offices. This merger will be a powerful growth driver to support our major corporate clients in their innovation strategies, thanks to an even wider pool of expertise to meet their custom data transformation needs. Our teams will continue to develop our data and AI ecosystems in different countries to contribute to Artefact’s ambition to be a global leader in data services for businesses.”
Damien Gromier, cofounder and CEO, Startup Inside.
“This alliance will enable us to provide an ‘end-to-end’ support solution, from use case generation to field implementation, for leading organizations that innovate and develop their business, environmental and social impact.”
Lorenzo Croati, cofounder and Vice President, Startup Inside.
About Artefact

Artefact is an international data services company specializing in data transformation and data & digital marketing consulting, whose mission is to transform data into business impact by delivering tangible results across the entire value chain.

Artefact’s unique approach, which bridges the gap between data and business, enables our clients to achieve their business objectives in a dedicated and efficient manner. Our 900 employees combine their multidisciplinary skills to help companies innovate their business. Our cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence and our agile methods guarantee the success of our clients’ AI projects, from design to deployment, including training and change management. Covering Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa through our local presence in 16 offices, we work with leading international brands such as Orange, Samsung, L’Oréal, or Sanofi worldwide.

About Startup Inside

Founded in 2016, Startup Inside is an innovation strategy consulting firm, pioneer of intrapreneurship and business hackathons, and leader in creating international conferences and think tanks on Artificial Intelligence and Data.

Startup Inside’s mission is to instill the entrepreneurial spirit and startup methods in large international CAC 40 and Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to its experience in the creation of business hackathons, the use of its design methodologies and the support of international facilitators, Startup Inside brings together all the partners in the value chain to imagine solutions with a strong business, environmental and social impact.

We have locations in France and Switzerland.

Our unique open innovation approach, which brings together startups, large corporations and research institutions, has enabled us to create reference ecosystems in artificial intelligence for the environment, finance and health.

AI for the Planet, created in collaboration with UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Program, mobilizes AI players for climate protection.

AI for Finance is an international conference that brings together a community of experts and decision-makers (CEOs of the largest European financial institutions participate with the best experts in AI and Data).

AI for Health is the European ecosystem of reference for the democratization of AI and Data in the health sector, with 200 members working in open innovation: startups, laboratories, institutions, manufacturers, etc.

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