Data Platform is about building the technology enablers to boost your Data & AI productivity.

Building a custom Data Platform is a core foundation for all Data and AI use cases.

Developing cutting-edge products and solutions is crucial in the 4.0 industry era. However it requires technical skills held by talents that are difficult to acquire, and often both temporarily and urgently.

In order to help 4.0 industries reach the full potential of their operations and release innovating products, Artefact has built a team of tech problem-solving experts including data scientists, data engineers and data analysts that are moved by three principles:

We craft custom solutions that will allow the client to run operations at scale.

We work hand-in-hand with the client to fully understand the technical and business aspects and ensure full transparency in the processes and methods used.

We smoothly integrate the new platform into the legacy systems of the client so that no time is lost adapting or rebuilding the whole ecosystem from the ground up.


More than datalakes.

Het Data Platform is een set van microdiensten die alle bedrijfsdata verzamelen en normaliseren om ze veilig, handelingsklaar, onderhoudbaar, betrouwbaar, schaalbaar en flexibel te maken, waardoor elk type data- en analysetoepassing mogelijk wordt.

Data platforms are evolving products, intrinsically linked to business usages.

Whereas Datalakes or Data Warehouses were built to centralize data, Data platforms are meant for data activation and fast business value.
They are designed to accelerate the integration of new business data/ insight needs and to scale and evolve with the data usages.

Our data platform serves 3 main categories of use cases.



Technical story
Real time pipeline
Batch pipeline
Automated infrastructure scaling

Use Case Category
Real time Analytics AI models Run
Business Intelligence AI models batch
Processing of highly volatile data volumes

Client testimonial: building a digital and data platform

Bouw een nieuwe data-omgeving om data uit verschillende bronnen (Google Analytics, Social listening tools, CRM) te verzamelen en voor te bereiden om de implementatie van innovatieve use cases te versnellen.

De belangrijkste elementen:

  • Data environment on GCP and Azure
  • Key technologies : Google Stack (GCP, BQ, etc.), Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory

Cloud experts and partners

Wij zijn experts en partners met alle grote cloudaanbieders (GCP, Azure, AWS, IBM, enz.), die zowel de filosofie als de technologie achter hun aanbod begrijpen, om onze klanten te helpen de technologie te vinden die het beste bij hun bedrijf past.