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Advanced Analytics

Our data analysis and digital analytics tools help marketers work smarter and drive better results.

Wij helpen bedrijven bij het meten, automatiseren van herhalende taken en het lanceren van geavanceerde use cases.

We gebruiken gegevens, technologie en Artificial Intelligence om de marketingmeting van merken te verbeteren, herhalende taken te automatiseren en geavanceerde data-science use cases te lanceren.

Measurement & Attribution strategy

We help brands define and implement their marketing measurement strategies in order to answer key business question with data. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Tracking online/offline sales attributing them to marketing activities.
  • Analysing the contribution of each touchpoint with multi-touch attribution tools (e.g. Google, Facebook) and custom data-driven attribution.
  • Marketing Mix modelling.
  • Defining campaign optimisation methodology through control groups.

Dashboarding & Automation

We gebruiken data, technologie en AI om herhalende te automatiseren en ons te richten op bedrijfswaarde.
Onze diensten omvatten:

  • Dashboarding.
  • Transforming data into insights.
  • Media plan building and forecasting.
  • Tool API connection.
  • Het bouwen van een publiek
  • Optimisation recommendations.
  • Adserver Trafficking.
  • Data monitoring.

Algorithmic segmentation (scoring, CLV, recommendation)

We use data and AI to algorithmically segment customers and prospects in order to:

  • Find high-value segments.
  • Build RFM segmentation and look-alike audiences.
  • Recommend the next best product.
  • Recommend the best creative/channels.
  • Increase customer lifetime value.

Bid optimisation

Using media buying tools, raw data and AI, we are experts in helping brands optimise their media bidding strategies.

Feed & Business Data integration

We leverage data feeds (related to product information and price, for example) and business data to make the most of media partner technology and algorithms. We work across Google Marketing Platform (GMP — including Google Ads), Facebook and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).